Massage in Manila & Angeles City

I very much enjoy massage and it doesn't have to be sexual. So I wanted to try some massage while in the Philippines.

Corporate Hotel
The hotel had a referral person they advertised who came to your room. She was a young attractive woman who like most Asians, was very good. It's awkward to do massage on a bed but she did a good job. She was totally non-sexual which was fine with me since after my long flight I had lots of knots that needed kneading. She was friendly but all business. The quoted price was P700 for 1 hour but I gave her P1000 ($US26). However when I checked out they had also charged me P700 on the bill. I didn't realize it would be automatically charged to my room. The hotel corrected the bill after confirming I had paid her directly.

When I returned to Manila after about a week in Angeles City I was a bit bar girled out and wanted to explore some more just therapeutic massage.

Makati International Health Spa
I would have loved a deep muscle therapeutic massage from a pro. On a massage table would be especially nice instead of a bed. But therapeutic massage doesn't seem to be very common, just escort ads mostly using massage for sex in the yellow pages ads.

In the yellow pages there was a big health club with various forms of massage listed, but it said separate men's and ladies facilities. To me this implied only same sex massage. I really want only women massaging me, even if totally non-sexual.

The most promising ad was for Makati International Health Spa in the Makati International Inn building. The ad was from the most recent 1998-1999 Yellow pages. I took a cab to the address given. But it was a vacant lot. The Makati International Inn had been demolished! The inn is also shown on a Makati map I got from the Vegas Hotel in Angeles city so it must have been destroyed quite recently. I returned to my hotel and called the phone number in the ad. It was disconnected. I should have called first!

Cab Driver Suggestions
I asked the cab driver about therapeutic massage. He recommended a blind man for good massage but with no "hanky panky." I had also seen the blind folks ad, but decided to pass since I really prefer women.

As usual the cab driver tried to get me on the topic of nice young women he could bring me for sex. Of course I passed, preferring to find my own.

Angeles City Massage
The Vegas Hotel advertised their massage service. They had one woman that came in on request to your room. She did quite a good massage with virtually the same technique as the woman at the Corporate Hotel in Manila. Like in Manila she was all business. Not quite as friendly and unlike in Manila she wanted me to keep my shorts on. Even for non-sexual massage I'm use to being nude, which is no big thing for me and part of Esalen massage, which I teach, and host massage rooms at couples conventions. It was a good but very mechanical massage. Cost as I recall was about P500 (US$13). I asked the hotel clerk and she said I should just pay her directly, unlike at the Corporate Hotel where it was included in my room bill.

I also did get some good back massage at some of the bars, which discuss more in the bargirl sections.

There was also some massage shop just off of Fields Ave that wanted to dump you in something hot. I think it was some sort of underwater massage, but I wasn't brave enough to do.

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