Vegas International Hotel
Angeles City 

The Vegas Hotel room was adequate although smaller than I'm use to and just a bit rustic. The bathroom was especially small. But other than the Holiday Inn, which is much farther away from the Field Ave bars, from all my research on the Internet the Vegas seemed to be the newest and best Angeles offered close to Fields Ave.

I paid P1080/night ($US28), which was very reasonable and much less than my Manila hotels. In fact, I don't think I've paid that little for a hotel in the last 20 years. But I've never traveled to Asia before with the big U.S. currency advantage either.

The only other hotel I considered was Woodlands Park, it is much farther away but with very nice grounds and rooms I understand. It has been suggested the American might also be worth looking into for larger nice rooms and slightly closer to the bar area.

With a trike sort of depot nearby, actually the Vegas Hotel was quite an ideal location. Instead of waking up to street traffic on Fields, I woke to roosters crowing…along with breathing from my bar girl sleeping next to me, often cuddled up with me.

I got use to using the trikes and the cost was only P30 ($US 80cents) each way.

The trike drivers seemed much more civilized then the Manila cabbies! Best of all you didn't have to haggle over the fare. There were usually 2-4 trikes parked about a block away from the Vegas. They would yell trike as you approached, but they were polite and not as insistent as the cabbies in Manila. Also they seemed to maintain good order. It seemed you used the trike whose turn it was and they didn't all fight over you or go to the driver that yelled the loudest like the touts in some bars of Manila.

The biggest trike challenge is to have P30 in change. I got use to getting my 6'2" 220 lb body squeezed into them even with a bar girl beside me! For those that don't know a trike is a motorcycle with a sidecar attached.

It seems I'd often get the fastest trike in town that passed most of the others in the open stretch on Fields. The big bump at the old railroad track was about the only traffic challenge, other than all the water when it rained.

I did walk to the Fields Ave bars once from the hotel, not that far, but with the hot humid weather I preferred the trike ride.

But why do hotels in the Philippines seem to have no electrical outlet in the bathroom for my electric razor? I had to shave by the bed with no mirror. I was prepared for the 220v standard in the Philippines since I can flick a switch on razor for 220-volt input.

Gee, the TV did have a remote unlike at the Corporate Inn in Ermita I had just come from.

In the room there was a selection of excellent maps of all the main cities of the Philippines. The maps were some of the best I've ever seen of attractions.

The Vegas also had a well-stocked refrigerator or minibar with some of the best selections I've seen.

The Vegas was the only hotel I've ever stayed in where you turned in your room key when you wanted the room boy to clean your room. I only found this out after two days of no room cleaning and asked. Actually it's a good idea since you can control when they clean instead of having them bother you at bad times. But I don't know how your suppose to know that procedure since there were no information sheets and they didn't tell me this when I checked in. The room boys were very nice. They even chased and killed a lizard that had visited my room after a big rainstorm.

Oh yes, their emergency power also works…in the lobby area but not in the rooms. We had some big thunderstorms and power outages are common. Of course the power outage in a bar later was even more fun.

Good Food Choices
In Angeles I had a much better choice of American type food nearby than just the fast food or pizza places near my Manila hotels. The Vegas Hotel food was great as was the very nice staff, although seating was limited to just two booths and some tables near the pool.

My room came with a free Breakfast, which was very good, and you had many choices.

I also enjoyed eating at Margarita Station and Kokomo's along Fields Avenue. However with only fans, and no air conditioning these two places were quite hot at times. The Vegas Hotel eating was much cooler.

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