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Note: I do not link to any individual sex worker pages unless they have valuable information other than just for commercial purposes.  I do not link any sites that are just sexy pictures, require some adult check service, or charge fees.  I classify sites which primarily support sex workers and those sites or private E-mail lists that are guides to customers seeking honest sex workers (only for legal intimacy of course in the U.S. ) vs. the all too common rip-offs.

Sites Primarily To Support Sex Workers & Decriminalization

Promoting Sexual Freedom in America

Sexual Freedom Coalition (SFC)
To promote pansexual freedom, mutual tolerance and safer sex.
To teach individuals, the media and authorities to revere sexual pleasure.
To encourage mutual support with and between other adult sexual freedom campaigns, sex clubs and groups.
To reform the sex laws which inhibit the sexual freedom of all consenting adults.
This is an outstanding group with many very interesting newsletter articles based in the U.K.  We sure need more groups like this in the U.S. But of course sexwork is legal (with some restrictions) in the U.K. like in most of the world, except the U.S.  

Prostitution Education Network  pename.gif (30717 bytes)
The Prostitutes' Education Network is an information service about legislative and cultural issues as they effect prostitutes and other sex workers. The service is comprised of information for sex workers and activists/educators who study issues of decriminalization, human rights in the context of prostitution, violence against prostitutes and women, sex workers and pornography, as well as current trends in legislation and social policy in the U.S. and internationally.

Local Sites & Guides Primarily To Help Customers Find Honest Sex Workers:
The most useful information is from private E-mail lists where you can only be a participant if you submit a review of a sex worker. Good intimacy service providers are given opportunities for more businesses from serious customers. Since E-mail lists are private, intimacy providers have much more security than on a public list which vice cops actually have read in some cities and used as a roadmap.  Likewise, the rip-off artist and the indifferent are mentioned by name, and phone so list members can avoid. This of course is only a problem in the U.S. since sexwork is legal in most of the rest of the world and where we always recommend you never pay for any sexual services, only legal companionship, non-sexual intimacy etc.



  • Spectator Magazine is outstanding not just for services in San Francisco but great sex news reporting from around the globe that may be of interest to anyone, regardless of location. Very sex positive and emphasis on fighting legal restrictions on many fronts.


National & Intl Guides & Discussion Boards is a well run resource with great U.S. discussion boards.  The board is relatively new and many of the city boards are a bit sparse.   I monitor the Phoenix section.   Any details on specific adult entertainers should be very discrete since it is a public board that LE could be monitoring like they have been known to monitor other boards, especially TBD and TER. 

One advantage of this board is that it is not as widely known by LE as say TBD where in Seattle, police have even posted fake reviews to lure people to stings.

You have to register to post a new message or reply, but there is no cost and you only need a user name, E-mail address and password (which is sent to you E-mail). No other personal information is required. 

The board has some very nice features including E-mail alerts to replies to your messages and shows which discussions have new posts. I very much appreciate these features that use "cookies".  If you think cookies are part of of some one world conspiracy you have the option to not utilize the very handy cookie features.  The board was formed by a  dedicated group as an alternative to the other boards trying to avoid some of their problems.

I do not want this site full of commercial links to models or sexy pictures..  The above sites were selected because they have very good information or have extensive links to others sites.  We welcome anyone to link to this site but will be very selective to whom we link in this section.   Sex workers and others may also introduce themselves and provide information, E-mail and web site address in our Guest Book.

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