U.S. vs. Foreign Women - Huge cultural differences found - especially intimacy response differences

If you just want physical sex, any women I guess will do. Physical attractiveness of different nationalities is simply a personal preference.

But I enjoy wonderful intimacy, GFE experiences with women all over the world. For years I've done sort of sociology research on intimacy in different types of environments and notice a huge difference between American women and those from more sexually open cultures.  See related article Why do so many men pay for sexworkers even with legal risks in the US? The sought after "GFE" (Girl Friend Experience)

I know I'm odd but I don't enjoy "just" sex without some physical intimacy. As I write about this and discuss my experiences in my reports on sexwork.com, I've been amazed at how many like minded men write me. Too many men feel its not "macho" to be interested in intimacy but write privately how their desires are similar to mine and thank me for being so out and open about it.

The bottom line conclusion is when I have the option I try and avoid most American women since they are the most un intimate as well as hung up sexually than most any other nationality. There are of course some wonderful exceptions, but in general I have found that very true based on many years of "hands on" research.

As I report in my reviews from hostess clubs in LA. to strip clubs in Phoenix and San Francisco it was amazing to me how cold most American women are vs. most foreign. To me there are obvious cultural reasons for that.

Asian, Latin and East European women of which I've met many in U.S. clubs, are in my experiences the most intimate and open to the type of physical intimacy I enjoy even if not directly sexual. Of course sharing sexual intimacy is even better.

Canadians, especially in Montreal and Victoria, were just so wonderfully intimate vs. my own as well as a huge number of reports from other men. My best experiences have been in Thailand. The Philippines is much like the U.S. in their Catholic repression but with some exceptions.

The cultural reasons seem clear. The U.S. is the most backward and the most sexually repressive as far as any good human interaction.

In the U.S. we use women all the time for tease and sexual exploitation in advertising, movies etc. But any real human interaction is "so dirty you have to save it for marriage and then only with one partner." This is based on the strong Judeo-Christian traditions of lies which have absolutely no biblical basis, but are preached as if they were "truths". Whether one is Christian or not most are influenced by the sexual repressive attitudes and teachings in the U.S. culture.

The result is a huge amount of sexual frustration particularly in men and therefore more sexual aggression, unwanted sexual harassment of women etc. Women therefore have been cultured to be more defensive as well as having the same negative views of sexuality as the culture.

In most of the rest of the world sexwork has been a positive force in a culture. Or, mistresses being common in Europe, 2nd and 3rd wives in Asia, and prostitution much more acceptable without the legal risks in almost all the world except the U.S. Even in Iran, temporary wives for an hour or two is legal!

Compare the repressive U.S. situation with the long history of openness and acceptance of sexuality as natural in Thailand. It is no wonder why Thailand is "the land of smiles", and the U.S. the land of sexual frustration and frowns. The situation is much more complicated than what I've addressed, but I feel there are good cultural reasons why American women are so uptight and fear both sexuality and intimacy compared to women raised in most other more open cultures.

Of course it's easier to be "open and friendly" when one doesn't have to suspect each new client of being an undercover vice cop ready to bust you, hustle you off to jail and generally ruin your life. But I also experience the huge cultural differences where there is no legal issues or overt sexuality, such as my many visits to hostess clubs in L. A. It is overwhelming to me the differences in the "intimacy" factor (NOT sex) between US and foreign women. I

Not all U.S. women are cold, there are fine exceptions, they are just rare in my experience and from reading others reviews for the last two decades on new groups, discussion lists etc.

In Phoenix we may have more scams than in some other U.S. cities but about 90% of the "ads" for providers here are rip offs and scams. One reason is we are a big convention city so there is a constant stream of new men to rip off. Another reason is Phoenix has been declared a "no pleasure city" by the City Council and vice cops look everywhere they can go arrest wonderful, honest providers who provide so many positive benefits to their customers and society as a whole.

Studies suggest the more sexually repressive the culture, the more violent the culture tends to be. This makes sense since sexual frustration unfulfilled can lead to unwanted sexual aggression. In Phoenix I've read news reports of murders of escorts who were rip offs by frustrated men. I monitor the Phoenix police radio, and often hear calls to assist a provider in a dispute. Massage Parlors have panic alarms for which I often hear police responding to. There have been murders of massage providers, rapes etc, probably out of sexual frustration since you can't easily find professional, legal sexworkers as you can in most of the world.

Of course airfare is more costly to travel to other cultures, about $450 RT to Thailand, for example, or $250 to Canada from most cities. In my case it is not so much the money, but the attitude that is so different that I enjoy. Plus I enjoy traveling and doing normal tourist things at the same time. Of course when a wonderful intimate, beautiful, enthusiastic, adult Thai gal costs $US20-30 for all night...and hotels are so inexpensive, it also does make economic sense to go for 2 weeks and enjoy the Land of Smiles.

Canada is more practical since it doesn't take as much flying time. Costs are fairly uniform - about $CAN 150/hr for full service (about $US100), for usually a more relaxed, warmer, intimacy, experience than with MOST not ALL U.S. providers often costing far more. In the U.S. providers take a huge legal risk. Therefore, there are relatively few provider and a huge number of men seeking healthy sexuality. So low supply, huge demand drives up prices.

In Canada, (or Thailand etc) without the legal issues, their is a much greater supply. Men aren't as desperate, willing to pay high fees, since sex is no big deal and easily available without any legal risk.

As one wise sexworker said in discussing this issues:
>Sex work is much more hidden here due to the legal climate. You simply have
>to search harder to find a good sex worker, and once you do, become a
>regular! Once she gets to know you, you get really good service!!

Agreed that is the key, but it is just so much harder to find one, especially if intimacy and GFE are important vs. most other cultures.

>I think that rather than dismissing US sex workers as rude, high-priced and
>unfufilling, we should celebrate those women out there who give great
>service under really tough circumstances.

Agreed....again they are just rare in the U.S. compared to other cultures, especially if intimacy and GFE is important.

Yet another good comment: I totally agrees with you. First of all, girls outside of the US in particular, Asia, are far more accomodiating. I think they do not have the mentality that prostitution is a "bad" thing so they actually do it in the way to treat it as a profession. On the other hand, the US gals think prostitution is "bad" so they don't actually want to do it. But instead using it to rip people off with their hard earn money. I think HK is one of the best place to get laid and its selection is just huge. In the hotel district, there are just tons of gals waiting to be pickup and offer good service at a reasonable cost. You should go there and try...

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