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Alexis@Classy Ladies by accident - she's leaving but not going far

After a busy travel day I thought I'd just escape and relax ,., without having to work hard on my end. But since I don't really like DD sized breasts the only choice was a new gal I thought I'd try since had not seen her reviewed. But was tied up until almost closing.

Since my hotel is just a few blocks from Classy Ladies, and they make it so easy with their schedule on website and pictures... my first choice was Keiko. Prior review mentioned how new and shy she was, but that she had potential. When I checked from Phoenix her picture was down and she wasn't on schedule, but when I called and asked about her they said she was coming back and would be working tonight. Checking the website, sure enough she is on. BUT...she must be still shy... she didn't' show up...

Next choice was Natalie also with a review that a bit inexperienced which sometimes means not just hardened for hot sex but might enjoy more what I do. Set up appointment was there in 10 minutes, but she very nicely apologized that she was having stomach cramps and thought it was something she ate and perhaps Alexis could be a better choice! 

I had eliminated her from my spreadsheet selections because I knew she was leaving soon. Hipster had an interesting "VERY DIFFERENT" and "sophisticated goth" review that was quite positive but often I find Hipster and I .. although we love each other :)... sometimes like different types of women, but with some overlap. From reading great reviews for years I tend to it seems be a bit more in line with Allisters tastes, but of course there is really THAT much difference!

Anyway...I agreed to the bait and switch (not at all intentional) and would up with Alexis.

alexis am glad I did! I didn't really want to ask what the tattoos were, but we seemed to hit if off perfectly. Very friendly with that great New Zealand accent and the body type I very much like (slender and not huge beasts...I mean breasts). But most of all she responded very wonderfully and seemed to enjoy my intimacy fetishes, that I am known for vs. just great hard sex and exploring various options. Alexis was perfectly wonderful for the intimate sex that old Dave enjoys most. 1 hour delightful session for $CAN150 (Internet special) or $US98.

Turns out tonight (Friday) is Alexis's last night! But she isn't going far. Just to Vancouver. The owner of CL is so nice she is going to post an announcement when Alexis decides which Agency to join in Vancouver. She hasn't decided yet. She is drawn to Vancouver since prices are higher and she can make more money there. She loves Victoria but feels it is time to move on. She seems to be quite a free spirit. Also a bit homesick for New Zealand where she will eventually return but for now looking forward to working in Vancouver for awhile. 

I do hope to get back and also see Natalie while I am here, she did seem very nice and I appreciated her honestly about her not feeling well. But the switch worked out very well since I enjoyed Alexis so much.

I thought on a Friday night CL would be much busier but they had lots of rooms available! I thought this was low season but the traffic downtown and coming in from the Ferry seemed just as bad as when I was last here in August 2000.

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