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Destiny at Secret Cravings

After a delightful dinner at Jude Sunday night, I changed my mind about taking the night off and decided to try either Secret Cravings where I had such good experiences in August, had a delightful chat with Sophie the owner from Phoenix, or Seductions Unlimited/Sweet Dreams. From my spreadsheet of potentials, none of them were working Sunday night per the Sweet Dreams website so I called Secret Cravings. I wish Secret Craving had a website with schedules like Sweet Dreams or even better Classy Ladies with the weekly spreadsheet which is so helpful. 

I was debating to meet new girls or if available Jewel or Destiny which I so much enjoyed in August. It turned out Destiny was working Sunday night so I booked an hour with her ($CAN150 or $US97. They are only about 5 minutes from my hotel (as is Classy Ladies). 

We had the VIP room with the round bed and mirrors on the wall making it nice to see her naked body on top of me. We had the same room in August and I had the Jungle Room with Jewel who I still might try again this trip.

Now I remember how much I liked Destiny. She might not be for everyone, a little older (30's), and small breasts (more like an A cup vs. C I reported last time), not sure if they shrank or that was someone else's measuring. While I tend to like taller women, she is only about 5-2 with rings in nipples and navel and a few tattoos, none of which attract me...but...

WOW...for some reason her softer body (but not fat) just melts with my body so well along with smile, nice face and friendliness like your her boyfriend. And I soon remembered how we did a sexy duet with our PC muscles in the sensual sex hour long concert with a great body and receptive soul I enjoy so much. She had just returned from 2 weeks in Mexico and was especially horny. She is a great responder, open to all positions, nice gentle kissing if she likes you and to me a perfect example of what a great intimate sensual sexual session should be.

Often older providers either get mechanical after so long and tune out intimacy doing it for the job (especially in the U.S.) or older women become very comfortable with their own sexuality and sincerely enjoy men and sharing sexually. Obviously Destiny is the latter as is Jude.

She seemed to remember me from August (said she did) and as proof she remembered some of my oddities (I have many :). But doesn't seem she has had anyone mention my review to her from website which was interesting since Jude says she gets tons of guys mentioning my review of her from Victoria report on Jude also sees large numbers of referrals from my website report coming to her website. 

I had mentioned Jude coming to Phoenix on my private Phoenix list and lots of Phoenix guys were contacting her. One even called by phone as we were relaxing after dinner! I didn't tell Destiny much other than ask if she recalled anyone mentioning me.

I am hearing rumors that certain places are getting word when I am in town and being sure anyone I see is very nice. I do not think this is true however, I am not that important! Also heard one incall was falsely upset with someone they thought steered me away from them which was again totally not true.

Also while I'm clearing up rumors no one person talked me into seeing Jude last trip, it was the result of seeing many positive reviews of her and liking her website.

I do a great deal of pre-trip research reading many reviews and organizing potentials on a spreadsheet which had about 50 gals on it! So many wonderful women, so little time or money

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