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Jewel at Secret Cravings

Decisions, decisions, do I want to go out again tonight. I make a spreadsheet of the Sweet Dreams gals I might want to see using their schedules from the web page (I wish they would do a spreadsheet like Classy Ladies does). Seems all the gals I would choose work day shift except for Blair whose picture I like but have never seen a review and I'm not sure I want "sassy". I really am not trying to avoid them, Kristen, Lee and especially Lexi are of interest. But I also have some independents I want to call for Tuesday which is my last full day on this trip.

I've had such good luck with Secret Cravings even though they have fewer gals and no website they also don't seem to have as much turnover. Working tonight are 3 gals, one unknown, one with good reviews and Jewel who I enjoyed so much last trip. Do I try someone new or go with someone I liked.

Well...I felt less adventuresome tonight and booked Jewel. She immediately recognized me from before and wow does she cuddle nicely as I remembered. A bit different body type than Destiny who I enjoyed here so much last night, but I am also very attracted to thin tall gals that can cuddle like Jewel. VIP room again which has nice view of her (I am yucky) via ceiling mirror. I describe Jewel as a bit more of a combination of loving to snuggle and a tiger once get to sex. I often wear women out since I last forever but she seemed to enjoy my Eveready bunny. Sometime when women realize they are in for a long ride they seem to just enjoy it and I often get the comments too many men just cum to fast. Our bodies melt so well together in the spoon position.

Actually I am surprising myself this trip. Pardon my sharing my sexuality but as an older man sometimes I have experienced early failure and for insurance on most trips, I take half a Viagra before meeting someone just to be sure. But lately I've been forgetting it and no problem. Also in Victoria I hardly have time for it to kick in since I'm only 5 minutes away from most of the incalls and I always am able to see someone right away. Well... no failures yet and haven't used any blue pills. For you younger guys this is something you will eventually have to face! On my 40th birthday, my girlfriend had the most romantic dinner and sensual bedtime was great except it was the first time older age failure occurred! Once I am up I can go on forever but when I (rarely) have "failure" it just lies there no matter what I or she does :) This trip is has had many talented hands on it and no problem getting to attention. 

Anyway... sorry about the diversion.. great time with Jewel. It turns out she has been taking a vacation from the business for about 2.5 months, spending more time studying, going home for Christmas etc. She had just recently started working again. Yet another good experience in Victoria but I sort of cheated since I had so much fun with her last trip.

Standard pricing $CAN150/hr $US98

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