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Thinking of meeting another gal before I have to leave tomorrow - from sweet pea description, nice pictures on site and because Mandy is also the name of my nice Teddy bear... I've seen one other review of Mandy - sort of neutral without much detail to really influence me pro or con. I book Mandy for 2am.

CL schedule shows she works 11pm to 8am. As always I am there exactly on time but Mandy hasn't arrived. Apparently some of the late night gals are on call and don't come until they have an appointment. So I watched the plants grow in the room until about 2:10am which wasn't that long a wait...she nicely introduces self, I give money for the hour ($CAN150=$US98) and she is back at 2:15am which is when I thought the session timing would start.

Mandy has only worked 3 weeks and being low gal in seniority seems sometimes gets the all night shift. She sounded a bit tired like had been awakened and sounded like may have been getting over a cold not sure- sure hope I don't get. She also said I should be sure and mention I am using the Internet Special when I make appointment (I failed to). Apparently some of the girls have been caught pocketing the discount, turning it in as the special when the guy paid the full price (there is a $10 discount if you come from Internet).

mandy As the CL description says, Mandy was "sweet"

She asked why I picked her and I gave her my Teddy Bear can skip this paragraph if you don't want to hear about Dave's Teddy :) I had a girlfriend a few years ago who had a huge bear collection. She noticed my Ralph bear in my living room and next time she thought it would be fun to bring some of her bear friends over. She brought about 20 from her collection and we lined them up on the davenport and I took some "family" pictures. Well my Ralph and her Mandy...seemed to be having the hots for each other. So she suggested to Mandy that maybe she would like to live with Ralph at my  home...well.. Girlfriend and I have long since gone separate ways (she moved) but Ralph and Mandy are still in each others arms in my living room. They were also very helpful when I hosted workshops for Liberated Christians couples .. we often had about 40 naked people on pillows in my living room but the bears would keep open the space that the leaders (myself and another person) needed to sit. They warned not to sit there or they might growl and bite (sign said) much for my Teddy bear story which Mandy (the CL girl) seemed to enjoy.

mandy Back to what your more interested in... Mandy (the girl not the bear) was very responsive to my intimacy. Having only worked 3 weeks and only age 19 she was inexperienced but I really did like her even though a couple of the things I do that most gals really like she didn't care for but I appreciated her honestly when I asked (such things as stroking face, kneading butt massage etc). She did very much like my hand and back massage as most gals do. 

She was also working the night Natalie had told me she was feeling sick. The girls were giving Natalie a hard told him what?? you had gas? But she also said Natalie was a very nice gal and I certainly agree (see prior report meeting her after 3 days in bed).

When having sex she noticed by PC muscle contractions and asked about it. I taught her about her PC muscle and how to make it stronger and she got the hang of it right away and was excited about the new knowledge. By this time I had told her I did a lot of sexual counseling with couples and I enjoyed her being open about a number of issues she asked about or shared regarding her sexuality.

As we were doing the sex part she mentioned that actually she was off at 3am and we only had a few minutes left. I guess the time watching the plants grow waiting for her counted as we stopped just before 3am. I would have liked to try a position many gals like but seldom experience but ran out of time (since actually only together 45 min and I assumed we still had 15 minutes left). I did not raise that issue with her however or she may have stayed longer, but since she thought it was time I didn't want to pressure her into staying longer. She had also mentioned earlier that most guys just book half hour appointments. Since I'm interested in longer sensual intimacy sessions I always do 1 hour.

Actually however, I did like her...the honestly and openness of a very attractive gal very new to the business. I liked the fact she was genuine and not "professional". I would enjoy seeing her again especially after she has had more experience because I did feel a good intimacy connection which I enjoy, even with some of the problems, her being tired etc.

She also confirmed what others have said that it is almost impossible to get a good job in Victoria which is why so many college gals and others in sexwork. She once couldn't even get a job at McDonalds they had so many excess applicants. 

Someone asked when I posted this:

Parden my ignorance, but what is a PC muscle?

Dave replies:
Short answer: the pubococcygeal muscle. 

What is that you ask? 

Here is a good site why url needs to be so long I don't know: 

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