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Natalie at Classy Ladies

Well the wait was worth it.... in my prior sharing of my great experience with Alexis I noted I had selected Natalie but she very nicely explained she was feeling ill and suggested Alexis as a good alternative.

Without me realizing it this switch got the phone girl and then the owner Vicki quite upset. They are very sensitive to any suggestion of bait and switch that some agencies use. But I had absolutely no problem and was grateful for Natalie being so honest about not feeling well Friday night. In fact she was in bed for 3 days afterwards and tonight (Monday) was her first day back. She is fully recovered.

Good things are worth waiting for! Natalie and I seemed to very much click. She is a valuable keeper in my view for Classy Ladies. I did my usually giving her massage like I enjoy doing and then we cuddle talked a long time hardly realizing how fast time flies when we were both enjoying good cuddle/stroking intimacy and good discussion including some of the religious issues I often help swingers and sexworkers deal with. 
I realized time was flying and went on to what most of you are more interested in. As other reports indicated she is very talented with her hands and very receptive to different positions etc. It was a wonderful, but too short time with a very sweet, honest, open, affectionate gal, especially if you click on the personal level as we did. 

For me, she had ideal body type, soft to the touch, but not overweight, nice and trim and perfect sized breasts - large enough to do some nice breast massage with (which she appreciates if done well nice but is very turned off by the usually grab and poke approach). Gee if only we had gals in Phoenix like those I finding in Victoria, at a reasonable cost, I would stay home more! 

natalie Natalie is from Quebec, lived in Ontario but finds Western Canada and Victoria with nicer people that she enjoys. Mid 20's so a bit more mature and wise than some of the 19 year olds very friendly face to match her friendly disposition. Like me she isn't a big oral fan but probably does fine to please a client - but I didn't test since I'm odd and prefer cuddling and stroking instead of the oral phase.

Standard Internet Special rate of $CAN150 - about $US100.

I understand CL is planning to expand to another more upscale 2nd location - but only the most favored gals will go. Owner Vicki seems to be very hard on any gals that get out of line, especially for drug use which I totally support. But if a girl is isn't her fault and being honest with the client instead of not being able to give good service should be rewarded. Anyway all seems well and I definitely would enjoy seeing Natalie on future trips for her personality as well as body, and the intimacy experience odd old Dave enjoys so much.

Also to further quell another rumor, she had no idea who I was, nor I don't believe Vicki did. Other than the hassle about being sick, Vicki seems to be respected and liked by most of the gals.

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