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Sweet Dreams or Dave's Nightmare?

From past reviews I had lots of potentials on my Spreadsheet to consider at Sweet Dreams. Before leaving Phoenix I eliminate most of them after calling and finding out they had left. I've studied the website and did my own spreadsheets of when those I might be interested in were available per their listing times with each girl along with pictures. So far quite nice..

I avoided them last night since everyone I was interested in worked days. So I gave them first priority for meeting someone today. Gee that was a fast wild storm that blew in about noon and then just as quickly left! I was slightly concerned one reports says Sweet Dreams is hard to find, on busy traffic street with little parking. When I called from Phoenix they would only give me approximate location which is very clovers to my hotel (as almost all the incalls are) but I can't check it out since don't know exact address.

I call with a special interest in Lexi who is reported to also give an awesome massage as well as very friendly. She isn't in till next week. OK, lets see according to their schedule on website I am interested in Lee and Kristen who work today. Well, not quite, Lee doesn't work till Thursday (after I'm out of town) and Kirston sort of comes and goes not on a fixed schedule. I ask about the schedule on the website and she says it changes every week since girls work whenever they want and coordinate hours. If I knew their website schedule was totally worthless I wouldn't have done all my organized planning. Congrats again to Classy Ladies who seems to do it right for us organized types.

Turns out working today are 2 very new gals who I don't think have every been reviewed nor have pictures on their site, and Blair, whose picture I like on the site but even the phone girl mentions "sassy" in description, and I'm not really into a sassy type of gal. 

The description they give of the new gals as well as older on website are of course useless and could describe 99% of wonderful sexy attractive women. In fact one from yesterday said she and other gal overheard phone girl give exact same meaningless description about both of them to different callers and they are very different both personality wise and looks. That is why honest reviews are so more important than the meaningless "sales" description the phone girls give.

I have to congratulate one of the most popular outcall services in Toronto Allison's Escorts who will ask about your interests in as much detail as they legally can and often reviewers say how helpful the phone gals or often Allison herself are in guiding men to the best gal for them that is available, not just the standard cute, sexy wonderful meaningless descriptions just rattled off by phone gals about all their gals! But back to Victoria..

Since I am running out of options and time I might wind up back at Classy again tonight, at least I know who the choices are for the most part from website and even if late in posting new schedule spreadsheet it seems they stick to more steady schedules of days on or off every week, than Sweet Dreams.

I also have calls in to a few independents if they catch me returning calls when my phone isn't busy being on the Internet.

Regardless I had a great visit and all good experiences as was my last trip. I have to leave sometime Wed via Ferry to catch an 8am flight Thurs out of Vancouver. 

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