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Very friendly in shape beautiful toned and tall tanned slender body. Small breasts but that is fine with me. Attractive friendly face, attractive blond hair. Sort of the Scandinavian look I am use to when I lived in Minneapolis but actually she is from Northern BC but has some German ancestry which explains her features. As another review said she could pass for mid 20's easily vs. 30 that her ads say. She has been in the business about 6 months, very comfortable with nudity and her sexuality.

Has incall in Esquimalt near Jude but she offered to come to me at same $CAN160/hr price,

I felt she was a bit professionally detached as others have also suggested sort of what most would consider GFE but since I am very sensitive to intimacy response having lots of experience, I would rate her only average on my intimacy response scale. I had the feeling she saves real intimacy for a husband or boyfriend which is obviously what one usually expects from sexworkers.

We really shouldn't expect more in a professional sex relationship, yet I am spoiled since I have felt deeper connection with many SP even if only for the hour. I felt we had a very good professional session but nothing like for example the connection with Natalie at Classy Ladies just as one example of many I've had. I felt her "that feels so good" was more the acting part of being professional but maybe I'm being too analytical. But it also seems to fit some prior reviews. But for most without the intense intimacy interest you would find her a very friendly, down to earth really nice person.

It was a very nice experience, she is very accommodating to positions and wishes, wonderful sexy body, and she knows how to use it to give men pleasure. As her ad says she certainly is a European beauty (at least European in ancestry and body type). She also seems to like doing duals which she has done with Jude.

She has ad in Monday Magazine and ad in Victoria section of

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