Victoria, B.C. Canada
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Madison at  Escape and Relax

With FS being only a little more than a 1hr body/body rub with massage at Escape and Relax, I usually prefer the higher level of intimacy options with FS providers. But I also do enjoy massage and on last trip I had a fabulous time and interaction with Jessica at Escape and Relax so I thought I'd try them again.

Selected Madison who had just come on...actually was early. She had such a happy bubbly personality that was hard to resist! As their website says Madison has "Long ash blonde hair, big blue eyes, just turned twenty.....Madison is that slender waif of a girl you used to date in your youth.....fresh, new, and oh! so sweet." I do like the tall slender body with outgoing friendly personality. I also asked about getting the kinks out of my always tight neck and she indicated she had been to massage school and did kinks.

Her massage was quite good and kept up friendly conversation. Her dogs also like men! Native to the area going to school and working a very different job has to be careful to keep jobs straight to be sure she is taking clothes off at the right one! Nice touch and quite skilled with the release phase. 

Also learned that the neighbors are thrilled to have them next door since it use to be quite a wild party house. Loud music, people drunk going to their cars etc. So now it is wonderful no load music, drugs, drunks and fewer cars makes for happy neighbors that know what they do but think its cool.

Not nearly the great horizontal lap dance connection I had with Jessica in August as I described in report on Jessica no longer works here. But Madison was a very nice experience with a delightfully sweet young gal. It was far better than 90% of the massage experiences in the U.S. which usually is just a rub and tug at a much higher price. Cost $CAN110 ($US70) and I was there just over 1 hour.

For more of the intimacy I seek I will stick to the FS folks but once in a while for an enjoyable massage and release with an attractive, bright, naked lady on a bed, I highly recommend Escape and Relax.

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