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My Massage Interest

For many years; I've been active in the Phoenix Massage community.   A few years ago I represented by petition over 100 professional therapists and their clients before the Phoenix City Council in opposition to the very restrictive zoning and other requirements to have a massage business in Phoenix.  However, despite our best efforts the measure passed.  I especially value good deep muscle massage since I have chronic neck tension that most therapists can't help.  In addition I've been professionally trained in Esalen massage and enjoy meeting different massage therapists and experiencing a wide variety of massage and therapists.

I've lived in Phoenix about 10 years. Before that I was very active in the Minneapolis massage community and was even asked to be President of the Minnesota Therapeutic Massage Network, which was a large group of professional therapists offering an alternative to the AMTA model that many therapists resented.

I very much support therapeutic totally non-sexual massage and know many professional therapists that have no interest in even just a "hand release".  On the other hand, I fully support as healthy sexual massage and lead workshops teaching various forms of massage in Liberated Christians workshops. Since our culture has such an immature view of sexuality,  I believe many more people would enjoy massage if the sexual element wasn't a worry for them.   I wish we could just be open and have two massage listings in the Yellow Pages: Massage Sexual and Massage Non-Sexual.  I don't like the term therapeutic massage vs. sexual because sexual massage can also be very therapeutic. Combining Esalen massage with Tantric or sexual massage would offer a very therapeutic experience nurturing the body, emotions, spirit and physical sexual pleasure.

Sample Views Of A Customer and A Therapist
A male customer said about genital massage: "I for one have had not trouble finding therapists who are happy to give genital massages. My therapist has always included genital massage techniques in her work. These techniques include prayer as a prelude (she cups my head in her hands and prays that the healing spirits and my angel will attend to me during the session. She helps set the mood as well with soul warming music, healing scents and a comfortable warm environment (no draping btw unless the air has a chill in it). She then uses her soft yet firm hands and expert rhythm and knowledge of my body to give me a truly wonderful full body, including of course, genital massage. Why all the fuss?"

A female therapist from California says: "I have been doing 'massages' as a part time supplement to my income.  I have recently begun calling myself an 'escort' because whenever I had a massage scheduled, it usually turned into more, at the request of the client.  I love giving more, but always do a thorough massage, and am always prepared to do just that.  I am inclined to enjoy my work very much and whether it is just a 'massage' or a 'massage with the works' I have fun.  I tend to be fun loving, but do take whatever I do seriously.  I am a single mother of 3 children, trying to build a successful business with this, and am trying to establish a clientele of repeat customers.  I try to determine through light conversation what they really want, and then go from there.  I am not a licensed massage therapist, just someone who enjoys giving pleasure."

Terrible Treatment Of Even Non-sexual Therapists by Phoenix Police
I'm also aware the terrible treatment of some non-sexual therapists by the Phoenix Police, including busting down doors and using swat teams against at least one therapist I know, who is very non-sexual.  When they raided her apartment all the found were Bibles.   Yet she had to borrow $10,000 from her parents,  who had to mortgage their home to pay legal bills to defend herself when she did absolutely nothing wrong.   Since the raid was conducted on a Friday night she had to spend a weekend in prison!  Eventually all charges were dropped but she still could not recover her attorney fees, grief and very emotionally traumatic experience. 

Zoning Problems & Police Abuse
In another case, a therapist kicked a client out of her home because he was so obnoxious trying to get sex. He returned and promised to be good to complete his massage.  Shortly after the police stormed in and it turned out the customer was a vice cop.  Fortunately he was honest and the police report said no sexual services were offered.  She had done nothing a reward...they gave her a criminal citation for a zoning violation!  I talked to the zoning department and their normal procedure is to only go after such home businesses if they have complaints and send two warning letters before any action is taken.  He checked on her address and found they had never had any complaint.   However, the police can bypass the normal routine and issue a citation if they wish.  They couldn't get her for offering sex so they had to justify their actions somehow.  Instead, they should have been happy she was not offering any illegal services.  The City Attorney was very harsh on her by phone when she tried to resolve the problem.  The criminal zoning violation charge was eventually dropped but only after a great deal of unneeded grief.

On the other hand, I know many massage therapists that work from their homes, advertise all the time, and have never had a zoning or police problem.  Since it extremely difficult to get a new massage establish license in other than the worst industrial zoning areas, many therapists work out of their home which is very practical for many reasons. 

The massage establishments now in Phoenix have mostly been in the same location for many years and were grandfathered an exception to the new zoning requirements.  It is possible to get a variance, but it is expensive and a difficult process.

Huge Number of Therapists from So Many Local Massage Schools
There are a large number of massage schools in the Phoenix area that continue to crank out far more supply of new therapists than the demand - at least for non-sexual therapy.  On the other hand, there is of course a huge demand for good sexual massage, usually just "hand releases" which is very healthy and every bit as therapeutic as traditional non-sexual massage. There is no STD risk either! AIDS of course is virtually a non-issue for male clients even in "full service" prostitution around the world, since clearly it just isn't spreading by prostitution.

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