Sensual Massage in Phoenix

The info below while old is relevant but for current massage reviews due to the almost unique in the world legal repression of in private consenting adult sexuality I am only allowing reviews on the Phoenix Private List and of course you can only pay for time not anything sexual.

NOTE: This was written about 10 year ago but still applies.  But with this warning.  You can not pay for even a hand job in AZ since unlike most of the world this is a huge crime for which on a first conviction there is a mandatory 15 days in jail.  Yes that is how absurd our laws are.   So you can only pay for time in a massage parlor.  Never, ever talk about paying for a release.  Since about 2000 I have given up on Phoenix massage vs. the wonderful experience with nude-reverse parlors in Canada with no legal risks.  This is what should be offered in Phoenix and not be any legal issue.  See

I am not going to review a large number of sexual massage sources, since frankly, other than at the specific non-sexual establishments I review in Non-Sexual Therapeutic Massage In Phoenix section, you can get a "hand job" at most of the Phoenix massage establishments if you are known and the therapist feels save you are not an undercover cop. They have to play the game due to our society's perverted view that somehow getting good healthy sex is so terrible, just because you pay a fee.

The quality of sexual massage varies greatly. In many of the establishments it's younger ditzy girls who do a bit of rubbing your back, legs and chest (as opposed to a good massage) and if you want anything else taken care of they will grap and yank  your penis and make it go penis poof. But I can do that myself and not pay for it!

I've found it very hard to find sexual therapists that have personality, a warm spirit and caring touch in addition to helping you have a good sexual release. There are some, but they tend to come and go in the business quite rapidly.

I have enjoyed over the years some really nice non-sexual therapists that have much more caring emotionally as well as physically therapeutic touch than most of the "go poof" girls. Often itís the older, somewhat less attractive women, who may also be a bit overweight, that have much better skills than the sexy young chick that gets you off fast for a large fee and is on to the next dick. But she is just filling the huge demand since so many men seem to want this as opposed to what I find much more enjoyable.

Another common offer is for the sexual massage therapist to be topless of nude. This of course comes with a large price premium. Personally, I don't even get turned on without some mutual good intimate touch. I've had some very pleasant surprises from sexual therapists that really enjoy my tender touch (no, not groping or trying to get in their pants or vagina) I've enjoyed very beautiful mutual touching intimacy whether or not the therapist is clothed or not. But I only enjoy it if the therapist really does like my touch. I've even had situations where I didn't even pay more for any nudity but she liked my touch so much, she would up taking off her clothes and in some cases climbed on me for sex, which obviously was her idea (I didn't mind!). And I never paid more than the $30 for a half-hour massage when this has happened.   But the most common situation is you request topless or nudity. For half the massage your face is down so you can't enjoy the vision anyway. Then when it time to make it go poof, they stand out of reach for even a soft tender touch and get you off. I guess that's how many guys like it. Does nothing for me so I rarely even try it.

I realize I am odd in that I much prefer tender loving touch, hugging and snuggling more than going poof. I very much enjoy the shared good touch, loving interaction with a woman's emotions and spirit not just sexual pleasure with her body. The problem I have with just getting massaged, is if I detect a warm caring spirit, I want to "reach out" and share my touch with her since I enjoy giving good touch even more than just getting it. These quality touch and intimacy ideas are explored in great depth in phxnudeclubs.html. I very much enjoy such intimacy even without any sexual stimulation and I seldom can get sexually stimulated without some degree of good touch intimacy with a woman.

I am especially interested in reviews of massage therapists that combine good touch (which often comes more from the heart than being trained) and sexual release at a reasonable price. Due to the legal problems we will not publish your reports publicly but only on The Phoenix Private List (since 1986)

Example Of Another Man Seeking More Intimacy
After Reading This Page
12/8/97: I  feel that we are alike, in that we are both very intimate men. I seem to find the too "impersonal" massage or therapeutic massage. I am not just a guy looking to "get off". Whether it is therapeutic but a little more personal, a more sensual massage, but not like the "poof" as you described it, but someone who takes her time, is very intimate and likes what she does. It is just so hard to find true intimacy, especially in a very conservative area. Everyone is very uptight and sensitive. I have found women that are the lab coat straight up type. I have had a woman that will come over in lingerie, but she like to talk, but is not willing to go anything very sensual. She'll let you do it yourself, while she rubs your legs, but I think is fearful of being caught or something. I went one time, and only one time, to a barely back rubdown, with a grab and a yank, but that is not what I seek either. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do to find a woman who is a little more intimate and sensual, whether it be for massage or sexual therapy or anything else.

Often OLDER is Much Better   Someone in California said:
Great Discussion! In my local entertainment guide there are dozens of ads for sensual massage, often times including the words "young," "college co-ed," "teen," "hot," etc. I have visited quite an assortment of ladies and must confess that the most satisfying have been from the ads which contain words like "mature," "woman" "older," etc.

One woman, a mature German lady, approx. 45 y.o., who would by no means be considered "hot," offers a most stupendous, full-body, sensual massage. She made me feel very comfortable and unrushed. After a thorough massage, she then utilized her breasts to bring me to fulfillment.

On my second visit, I asked her if I could have the pleasure of reciprocating some of the sensual pleasure which she had so generously given to me. She was delighted and actually allowed me the privilege of satisfying her orally.

During subsequent sessions, she would massage my genitals with her breasts while I simultaneously provided oral stimulation to her.

Please do not get the wrong impression here. I'm not saying this in an effort to lead the conversation into arousing massage stories or to boast of my experiences, but rather, to suggest tips for those seeking or giving quality, sensual massage. Most other "girls" who I visited were young, rushed, unprofessional, and seemed only in it for the take. They showed little or no interest in the art and pleasure of sensual massage.

A Review Of A good Phoenix Sensual Massage Therapist
12/9/97 From private Phoenix E-mail list with name etc omitted for this public post for her legal protection
Wow, its rare I  make personal recommendations of sensual massage therapists since I so rarely find any I like. But even I was impressed my xxxxxxxxxx. She recently moved to Phoenix from San Francisco where more sensual massage is common. Asians seem to have natural talent for intimate sensuality vs. American women. May be culture related. She used her soft attractive slim body very effectively as well as her hands which were very good in warm sensual touch. Climbing on the table to do my back, placing her body up to me she reacted very favorable to my tender touches back. Soon after having me turn over she shed her clothes and had her body wonderfully in my arms. She was not the least bit shy and enjoyed being nearly naked. She seems to very much enjoy nice touch and massage back. I realize I've had lots of experience and many women "melt in my hands" but I assume any nice man would get the same reaction. She wound up on top of me (nude except for G-string) and enjoyed my caressing her body all over. She did a very exceptional hand release.

As an older man that has had lots of sensual/sexual experience, one of my problems with erotic massage is that I almost never climax. I often can go on a very long time (wearing out the hands of the women). I usually have to take matters into my own hands while she continues being sensual. I explain to the therapist, it's not them. I'm just so use to both sexuality and masturbation that while I very much enjoy what she is doing I have to do some myself to have a climax or I will go on hard all night! But xxxxxxxxx amazingly was so sexy and talented I did climax from her alone. That takes talent!

What I most respected about xxxxxxxxxxx is she never negotiated or mentioned any fee other than the $30 for the half-hour massage. That also helps with legal problems. But she trusts you to treat her fairly and gives first unlike most American women who won't touch you without a fee settlement. I encourage you to tip her fairly. She seems to very much enjoy Phoenix and enjoyed my massaging her after the session.  Be nice and treat her with respect, she deserves it. In prior visits to xxxxxxxxxxxmost therapists have offered hand releases. But they were very unsensual get you off as fast as possible type. I usually decline if I don't experience good touch as part of regular massage. xxxxxxxxxxx now has new ownership and has been redone very nicely.

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