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Yep, Dave Meets a Katoey

See Prior Section about "Spot the Katoey Game" which most men will lose 


Pictures not the one I met, but she looked very similar, especially to picture on the right..




I am very heterosexual, have had bi experiments but I found that I have totally no interest in men.  Hardly like to hug them much less do anything sexual.  I'm a zero on the Kinsey scale (extreme heterosexual), can't help it that is how I was born just like others are born gay or bisexual. Or in the case of a TS, where emotional gender is out of synch with sexual body.

 However many years ago I did know a TS  (see prior section for TS information) and her having a penis didn't bother me. I only had one sexual encounter with her however and I never even touched "it".

I was sort of curious my own reaction to more of an encounter with a lady boy since I realize the genetic reasons and how hard it must be for them.  So I was sort of expecting I might find one and for the sake of my "research" I  would see what my reaction was.

It so happens that one of the bargirls in one of the bars I met was a TS ( Katoey in Thailand). I didn't realize it at the time but when she was hesitant to undress fully when showering I figured that was the problem.

She was very relieved by my acceptance of "it" instead of freaking out and we had a good intimate session. She badly wants the total change but can't afford the cost which is why she is working in a bar. I had no interest in anal sex with her, I don't even do it with women, and would be especially concerned about any HIV risk. But had a good safe time and my reaction of not minding ... touching it... was interesting. As long as its on a women, don't seem to have any problem.

But... I much prefer real women, and its hard to tell sometimes. Many of the Katoey's are much more attractive than full women.  She didn't have a deep voice and no obvious Adam's apple for clues. She had very long hair almost to her waist and very attractive.

I shard this in my nightly report from my hotel and someone asked:

>Well,Dave,you got me stuffed.
>I know I am a sarcastic bloke,not
>really into buggery,but how does an extreme
>hetero 'handle' a TS for two hours and come
>away having enjoyed it.

I reply:

A fair question!.

Some will understand this and other won't... I enjoyed intimacy with the 90% that was a women. Once I got her calmed down since she like most all bargirls wanted to start performing orally and manually on you as soon as they hit the bed, She was especially interested in jumping into that so I probably wouldn't notice she still covered part of herself with a towel.

I know this is hard for some men to understand, but I enjoy non-sexual sensual intimacy just as much as sex. I did a lot of that with her. And I call her a her since that is her emotional gender as well as all of her body except for the added sexual organ...a penis.

The biggest difference I have found so far in Bangkok is the bargirls seem they need to "perform" as soon as they hit the bed. I prefer her to just relax, let me nicely non-sexually just stroke her body, hold her, caress her etc and interact non-verbally with her as a person via touch not just as a sex object to fuck.

I didn't choose to wind up with a TS, and had no idea until her shyness about being nude (which is more common in the Philippines than in Thailand).   When I figured it out, I tried to assure her it was alright, got her switched out of the oral mode, and I enjoyed (as it was obviously she did) lots of stroking, cuddling etc in fact for 2 hours!

I do think it is unfair for them to cheat and deceive men that way, but they are desperate to make money just like most of the bargirls. I hope I don't wind up with another, but if I do, I will again treat her like a person and not an oddity.

Interesting, I would have no interest in doing anything whatsoever intimate with a real man...its a total turnoff to me. But with a TS being a women in every way and looks but that minor part...I did enjoy the intimacy.

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