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NOTE:  I understand management has changed a number of times since my visit in September 1999 and for the worse.  There are reports of unfriendly management and service people and the special deal relationship has been dropped by Pattaya Pete.  I am considering other hotels for next trip.  Possibly near by Flipper and welcome reviews by others that have been at Filipper to compare to Eastiny.

Eastiny Inn Very Detailed Review

As you check in they even bring you a welcoming drink which is a nice touch. The entire staff is always very friendly. They are almost always opening the door for you and greeting you as you come or go.

Overall I very much like the hotel. I am in a very nice Junior Suite on the 7th (top) floor and overlook Soi 8. I have 2 small balconies and 2 baths. I like the living room set up with a large heavy table behind a nice coach all facing a TV. Unlike the Omni in Bangkok, here they have a separate telephone in the living room in addition to one in the bedroom on a small table (instead of just a night stand at the Omni) so I can more easily hook up my notebook and reach the table since I have a 10-meter modem cord. I like having 2 baths. I use the bath off the living room for showering mostly and the bedroom bath for everything else.

I booked the room using Pattaya Pete’s Discount Accommodation Deal found at (no longer does) He is not a travel agent. He put this deal together because he get so many requests to make hotel bookings or give recommendations and he often would recommend the Eastiny. It is only a few hundred baht more but 10 times nicer than most other cheaper hotels in the area.   Thanks also to Pattaya Pete for his permission to use some of his hotel pictures along with some I took.

It seems to be a good deal, and cheaper than you can get on your own. I am paying 1500B for the Junior Suite. A smaller standard room is only 800B. The deal also includes a nice free breakfast each morning. But I’ve only had it once so far, since most days I sleep in till noon going to bed at 6am. You also get a 150/night-discount coupon at Pete’s bar Freelancer. Seems to be an excellent package.

Location is handy with easy transport by baht bus to other areas of interest. It only takes 3-5 minutes to get to the far end of Beach to Walking Street or to return via Second Road (they are both one ways). I have a baht bus beeping at me within a few seconds every time I come out of Soi 8 onto Beach Road. Note that you should avoid those that are parked. When they are parked they are in taxi mode which costs much more, takes you direct to location but doesn’t really save much time. Perhaps in high season the baht buses are slower due to more traffic and stops for letting people on and off so taxis or the motorbike guys might be faster. Walking on the sois you have all the bargirls yelling "welcome come in"at you and on the streets the baht buses all beep at you. But its no big problem … baht buses and girls are very anxious to serve you!

It is in the middle of one of the largest beer bar areas. Although I haven’t hung out at beer bars much the people watching is great and if you really get horny you can find zillions of attractive girls within a few feet of the hotel that are anxious to come to your room and meet your needs!

I don’t find the late night noise from Soi 8 to be a problem even when I do go to bed before the music and actions stops (not till about 5am!). If you have the air conditioning fans on it pretty much washes out the music from the street. On lower floors it may be more of a noise problem but the windows are double glass and block out much of the noise compared to the noise if I step out on the balconies.

The Eastiny is very sex tourist friendly. Lots of extra towels, large stocked refrigerator etc. After I get up I usually work at my computer just in under shorts for coolness etc. Housekeeper has no problem with me not being fully clothed and first time asked in friendly way "girl friend with you?" so obviously guests are not a problem. Jokingly I looked under the bed and said no, not that I know of, which she laughed at.

Nice new pool, which looked quite large to me, but I only, saw a few people swimming in it since this is low season. But it does have a small deck around it and a small bar for drinks. As someone else (El Hefe) pointed out:

They only have about 6 pool chairs (as they really can’t fit many more). During the high season, these tend to fill early. Still, for a quick dip to cool off, it is quite good. The entire hotel is newly built, so the pool is new as well and does not have that old dingy look you get with some of the other hotel pools. A pool is a necessity in my opinion--even a small one like at the Eastiny, as the beach at Pattaya is not for swimming.

Very friendly staff both front desk, security, housekeeper and restaurant which has a wide variety of food I found very good.


They also provide LOTS of TOWELS! Which can be useful with guests.

I can only compare the Eastiny to the Omni in Bangkok since those are the only two Thai hotels I’ve been in.

The living room is about half the size of the living room in Omni, but most of it was wasted dead space I didn’t use anyway. Overall although a bit smaller I seem to like the Eastiny layout better.

The baths are smaller with smaller toilets and neither has the nice large tub that the Omni had. Only showers stalls at Eastiny but 2 baths and they are quite functional. Does have electric outlet in baths and I easily switched my electric shaver to 220 volt mode (vs. switch on wall to set voltage at Omni). But I do like the 2 baths, which might especially be handy, if you have girlfriend where you don’t always want to shower together.

I like the very convenient 24 hour 7-11 type store next door (even has popcorn and pizza plus more practical things like lotions, etc). My only problem is I got a few ice cream bars one night to save for later, but the coolers (2) in the room, don’t have a separate freezer section to keep them hard like they did at Omni.

Both Omni and Eastiny had great air conditioning, new, modern, very clean.

A minor negative but great for saving energy at the Eastiny is their key holding thing by the door. You store your key there because if it doesn’t have the key in it the electric including air conditioning is turned off after about a 10-second delay. The disadvantage is the room without air heats up when you are gone awhile. But it does cool down quite quickly.

After posting this problem on a couple lists many said this is very common in Thailand and they just take the key off the ring and leave the ring in the slot to keep the power and most importantly air conditioning on. At some hotels it’s controlled by a little push switch so you can prop it on with a business card. At others like at Eastiny it’s a sensor that seems to know when its trying to be fooled by a card! But I found the key can be taken off quite easily and you could just put it in your wallet to carry it instead of the big key stick, leaving that behind to keep the power and air on.

There is no in room safe. While the safe at the Omni was too small to hold my notebook computer, I did keep other things in it. But instead of hiding my notebook whenever I left the Omni, the Eastiny has a very heavy living room desk where I sit using the computer. I can easily hook up my computer locking system that locks the notebook to the table. So to steal it you would have to lift and carry out the whole table. And with my security alarm it would be wailing at a 100db.

The clothing/storage room is much fancier and larger at the Omni with three large built in cabinets in a separate area just off the bath with lights that go on when you open them. At the Eastiny it’s a simple wood box, smaller but very adequate although not deep enough for one of my large pieces of luggage.

At night I prefer more light on the table so I simply set one of the table lamps on it and remember not to trip on the chord (I haven’t yet).

The chairs at the large table in living room are a bit uncomfortable for long term sitting at my computer, but the chair in the smaller table in the bedroom is very comfy. So I simply exchanged chairs. The couches both in the living room and another in the bedroom are very comfy.

Two nice TV’s with remotes. I haven’t watched much TV other than CNN or BBC news and CNBC for keeping up with investment news. 

Overall a very nice place where I would plan to stay on future trips. The cons are very minor and picky on my part.

They open up the vacant rooms, probably to air out for part of the morning and early afternoon so I looked at the various other room options. Many of the smaller rooms had two double beds separated by a nightstand. I have a very nice large (Queen size probably) bed. Since I’m 6-2 I like large beds even if I am sleeping by myself. If you had a guest in I don’t think you would want small double beds!

I just need to get a card from them that is in Thai, so I won’t have a lost cabby again from Bangkok. In fact let me go down to front desk now and see if they have such cards. Back…got a card written in Thai for my next return. When I returned and the room was powered off since key gone, wondered if it crashed computer. No, the wonders of laptops, it just switched to battery mode when power went out.

Also arranged with no problem for a late checkout when I leave. Their Travel Service easily arranged a taxi pick up to take me back to BKK where I will check out Majestic Suites for one night. I don’t have reservations but doubt if they are needed this time of year. The taxi to Bkk is only 1000B. Let’s see if the Pattaya taxi can find Majestic Suites, I think I have their brochure that has address in Thai. Plus I know where it is once the taxi gets to the Nana area. Hopefully cabby won’t get lost in Bkk like the Bkk cabby did in Pattaya!

The travel service also has lots of good brochure on non-sex related things to do from Tiger Zoo, Elephant Village, Shows at Alcazar, Crocodile Farm, etc. Gee they also have a nice brochure with similar looking rooms for the Somerset Hotel on Soi 15 which would be closet to Thermae, Soi Cowboy where I spent less time at when in Bkk last week and may want to visit on my last night in Bangkok. I will see if I can find some reviews or if anyone reading this has been to Somerset Hotel in Bkk. Looks like it may be more expensive however. Ah just found their web page and their published rates are very expensive 2400B and up so I don’t think I will bother to check more.

Larger Executive Suite vs. my Jr. Suite
Based on a request on TSM I checked out the larger Executive Suite at 3000B via Pattaya Pete's discount arrangement and compared it to my Jr. Executive Suite at 1500B.

The twice the price full executive suite's living room seems about the same size as mine with same layout. It might be a tad bigger but not obviously to me walking in. Does have an extra nice sitting chair than mine so probably is a bit larger.

I think the bedroom is slightly larger and it has two slightly more fancy clothes closets vs. just one in the Jr. Executive.

The biggest difference is

1) A HUGE balcony in the Sr. Exec suite overlooking Soi 8. Perfect for those wanting to host large parties.

2) Wood floors and more paneling (oak?). Actually I prefer the carpeted floors in my Jr. Exec...but if you like wood floors...

Otherwise the layout, furniture and other aspects seem about the same.




Link To : Dave's Picture Gallery of Eastiny 

Jealous Ladies At Adjacent Beer Bars
A number of people point out since there are beer bars directly by the hotel, if you barfine a girl she may be jealous when she later sees you walking by with someone else. El Hefe very well pointed out the problem in reply to my Eastiny report that:

"it is located across from Little Ann & Orn's Bar--the second best bar in Pattaya (Freelancers being, of course, number one in my heart).

This is both an advantage and disadvantage. Pick up a pretty girl from that bar and you will not go wrong--they are all good hearted and freindly. But keep in mind that there is only one exit from the Eastiny--and that is out the front. So once you've taken a girl from any of the bars out front, they will be able to watch who you bring back to your room the remaining days of your trip. Of course, if you are polite and let the girls know up front that you intend to butterfly--this should not be a problem."

Avoid Room 301 El also warns:

Stay away from room 301. It is the larger room facing the front of the hotel, right above the 7/11 store. This room gets the brunt of the loud music from the bars. It also always seemed to have a peculiar smell coming up through the floor from the 7-11 store. The higher floors do not have the smell problem.

Durian  There is a big sign by the elevators Don't take Durian upstairs in English.

A drug? A bad girl they don't want in?

Durian, the infamous tropical fruit, banned in hotels and public transportation because of its foul odor, but craved by many who have become accustomed to it. "Like eating custard in a sewer."

From the asfo mailing list a great reply to my question:

DURIAN is a smelly but tasty fruit. It is a bit smaller than an American football, and covered with spikes about 1/2 inch long. It is usually hanging from a small strap or some twine in the fruit vendors' stalls, though I've seen piles of them as well. They can be priced very high in off season, as those who love durian are often willing to pay the price. It's a love it or hate it proposition however, and that's why the hotel prohibit them in their rooms. They don't want to risk offending any of their customers, some of whom are bound to be of the durian hating pursuasion. By all means try durian at least once. Get past the smell, as the flavor is quite different from the smell, and really should be experienced. You can eat the seeds as well. They are not very flavorful, and something like water chestnuts in consistancy.  Kabayo

On the more humorus side another reply:
Dear Dave,
On another site, Khun Bill found an
"Adventure with a Durian Fruit" story. The author was "longleogundave" or someone.

A "Darian" or "dourian" or the many other spellings is a special "fruit" available only in Thailand. Unlike the "fruits" that inhabit Casanova, 2nd floor, Nana Plaza, or the " pocket attacking fruits" that are found

Since they are so much trouble - most hotels ban them.

Hope this is helpful,

For pictures and more info see:

My Change System
On another issue, I developed a system for carrying change since I am only getting use to Thai coins. I carry 10B and 1B coins in my left pocket since they are so easy to tell apart and 5B coins in my right for baht buses. My first day in Pattaya, I got a whole roll of 5B coins to have plenty. For security I always carry wallet in front pocket and when I reach for it hope to only find the wallet not someone else’s hand!

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