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Body/Body Massage & No Pattaya Night Adventure

I have been so busy exploring South of the Eastiny I hadn't yet made it to North Pattaya and the massage areas. So, off I go 

Gee the Soi's are much longer it seems up here. My usual roaming method of going back and forth between Beach and Second Road seems to make me walk a lot further.  Most of the activities are at the two ends with not much in the middle except all kinds of various sort of discrete quiet restaurants of all nationalities, some hotels like the Welkom Inn etc. The show at Welkom Inn's Hippo is only at 8PM I guess and its pretty quiet in the Welkom Inn bar and grounds when I go by about 10pm.

The Welkom Inn is a more economy hotel which many travelers prefer as opposed to the more midrange newer, hotels that I prefer.  

Also nearby is a favorite hotel of  Long Gun who made one trip to Thailand and wound up staying there now six years, marrying a Thai!   His favorite hotel is the Weekender and he says:

"Currently B400 ($US10/night!)  gets you a standard room with a big bathroom (with tub) and a wall size mirror. Fridge/ac/Tv etc; decor isn't up to much but it's a very friendly place which 'guests' place, IMHO"

Gee, next I see another huge beer bar area covering many blocks again. Those on Beach seem much busier now on a Saturday night as were the bars further south and around Eastiny earlier. Still a huge imbalance of far more bargirls then customers but there are more people on the streets and on the baht buses as I would expect on the weekend.

I check out the massage parlor Long Gun enjoys, Silom Sauna and Massage on Soi 3. It is an interesting, obviously more traditional Thai place. I am tempted to go in but don't preferring the privacy of the rooms at a more modern massage place. For someone like Long Gun to hang out and relax in the Sauna etc as he does for a very inexpensive price it probably is ideal.

I note they also offer oil massage which I understand is like Western massage using massage oils for deeper muscle work etc vs all the stretching and lots of leg work of Traditional Thai Massage. The cost is 250B vs. only 100B ($US25) for 1 hour of Thai massage. 

I was looking for Suzie's, Golden Beach Massage on Second Road (but don't know of which Soi and didn't see it) or SabaiDee. Along Second there were so many big massage places with the Sabia's that others had said were not as good as SabaiDee.

Pictures of fishbowl at Sabailand



I have had a large number of folks giving me many recommendations of their favorite massage places both on some lists and by E-mail. I thank you all but couldn't possibly get to them all. But I have kept the notes on them for future trips and I appreciate all the advice everyone gave. My tight neck got better in last few days, without finding any "real" massage.

Cicatrix on TSM suggested Suzie's saying:
" On your massage parlor mission be sure to try "Suzie's" at Beach Road and Soi 4. Less pushy than Sabailand, and the girls are fine. Also a bit less expensive but the service is great. The entrance is about 30 meters off Beach Road."

As I'm treking down Beach Road from Soi 2 to Soi 3 I see a Suzie's sign next block down on Soi 4. But first I do my Soi 3 trek to Second Road and back again on Soi 4 to Beach Street. I get to the corner and there is a big Suzie's bear bar and Karokee bar at the corner of Beach and Soi 4. Around the corner which would agree with Cicatrix's direction is quite large massage place with guys trying to get me in. But it is called Inter Massage which may be short for International massage. Being quite hot from all the walking I decide to check it out.

Inter Massage
Very nice large waiting area to easily view the many attractive women in the fish bowl. A nice young man offers me a drink and describes pricing with of course a sales pitch on how great the women are for oral sex and making love. The "inclusive" price for 1.5 hours is 1400B ($US 36) and if you want to tip only a couple hundred baht is very acceptable. This was in line with other reviews I've read of similar parlours.

There were some very attractive to me women in the fish bowl.  I choose a nice looking gal with a bit larger breasts (not huge, I don't like real big, but at least more than an A). I had asked the young male host if any spoke much English and he mentioned that she did.

Off we go up the stairs to room 105. The bath was similar to Annie's in Banglok but a little shorter, the body massage about the same, but this gal had some very unique sensual moves while on my front. I wish I could have figured out exactly what she was doing since it was very stimulating and nice. The room wasn't nearly as nice as Annie's (my only other body massage experience to compare to) but functional. But I would say the girls in the fishbowl were much more attractive overall. Annie's was 2 hours plus of nice slow relaxing pace for 1000 plus I tipped 500 so Annie's was much cheaper for the longer time. 

When we got to the bed for sex, she was VERY responsive as most others have been to my intimacy techniques. We had a wonderful long, sensual, sexual session which for the last 20 minutes or so, was great cuddling with her so relaxed she was almost asleep. She kept saying she wished she could stay all night with me (as I supposed she does with everyone) but she genuinely did seem to be enjoying my intimacy or she is a very good actor and liar! I especially enjoyed massaging gently her breasts (I've actually been trained in breast massage and how it can help avoid cancer) and when I would stop she kept putting my hand on them again.

Her English was "basic" but better than most bargirls. Age 21 and she had a sister who lives in California but didn't know where Arizona was (South? she asked).  She was worried a little about the time (1.5 hours total quite strictly enforced I guess)  but said she was so relaxed she would wait for the phone to ring to warn she the time is more than up but they don't get upset. She also wanted to know how soon I'd be returning to Pattaya and to of course be sure and see her. I tipped her 200B which she seemed very grateful for. So cost was 1600 total for 1.5 hours vs. 1500 total for 2+ hours at Annie's, but it was a very good intimacy and sexual experience again.

I was quite relaxed also and decided not to do more exploring but return to hotel, do this report, check E-mail relax a bit and start packing. I leave Sunday returning to Bangkok for a night at Majestic Suites which I will report on before going to airport and leaving Monday returning on long flights via Taipei to Phoenix,

I certainly have enjoyed Pattaya and have had some great experience as I did in Bangkok last week. I hope to return to the Kingdom frequently.

Sabai Land & Sabai Dee Massage
Sabai means comfortable or having a feeling of well-being which is certainly appropriate for these massage parlors

Sabai Dee and Sabai Land Massage are near the corner of Soi 3 and Second Road, next door to each other on left side of street, across the street from the "Big C" shopping center in North Pattaya. Also Sabai Room nearby is similar

Sabai Dee, is new and state of the art. Large room, large tub, large bath, good sound systems and 30-100 girls in the fishbowl. It is reported that the girls are beautiful, polite, professional and really want you to come back. It claims to be the worlds most posh massage parlor. Rooms super deluxe and spotlessly clean. Large canopy bed with mirrors on ceiling, huge Jacuzzi and big airmatress area. 

You can call a girl out to have a drink and chat before committing to her session. Coke was only 50b with no more expensive lady drinks. The house fee is 600b for 1.5 hours for basic nude bed massage, Jacuzzi cuddle/wash and soapy airmatress body/body massage. "Special services" are negotiated usually during the soapy body massage. Typical Full service price is 1500-2000 for girl plus the 600 for room. Total of 2600b is still only $US65.

Sabai Land is an older facility and has signs of wear and tear. The rooms are small and so are the beds. even though it's older and has less girls they are wonderful women to be with. Most have their own rooms with special decor and accessories. Plus, they serve good Thai food. Buy them lunch or dinner after you get to know them, sit and have a cocktail. Buy their friend a drink. All of these things will put you in a better light so to speak. It really doesn't cost much in dollar terms, but the rewards are worth it. 

Soi 7 Feuding Couple Open Competing Bar & Fight becomes Violent Story
I decided to check out the story I had read in July about the feud between Phaen and her husband Dohm and see if the bars in question were still open on Soi 7.  I didn't find them, so apparently the report predicting pending failure has been proven correct.

The report was that Phaen left her husband Dohm and settled down with a girl named Tuhm, and together they opened the Pant bar on Soi 7, just North of the Eastiny Inn where I was staying.  The greatest insult to a Thai man seems to be for his wife to leave him for a women!  

So Dohm attacked his ex wife, by opening his own bar immediately across the street.  Soon Phaen's brother while drunk, began to insult Dohm, who came out of his bar and hit the guy with a metal rod; then Phaen came out with a big butcher's knife and hit Dohm and almost cut his leg off...blood all over, police, hospital, Phaen arrested.

Last report in July 1999 was that Dohm was still in the hospital with a severed tendon and may never walk again.  Phaen may in jail for a long time unless can come up with a lot of money.  

The writer (unknown) very much liked the stunners who worked for Phaen and heard this story from his girlfriend at Pant bar.

But I found no Pant bar on Soi 7 as of September 1999.

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