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This is an archive of my own reviews of Montreal escorts. I've written far more on this city than all other places combined. They are in chronological order with the most recent ones at the end. Some abbreviations and keywords used are:

cbj - covered blow job (fellatio with condom)
bbbj - bare back blow job (fellatio without condom)
bbbjtc/bbbjtcim - bbbj to completion in mouth (ejaculation in mouth)
bls -  ball licking & suckingdaty - dining at the Y (cunnilingus)
dp - digital penetration (allows finger in vagina)
2-fs - 2nd "full service" (intercourse) allowed in same hour
gfe (girlfriend experience) - kiss+daty+bbbj
cgfe (covered gfe) - kiss+daty+cbj
greek - anal sex
ymmv - your mileage may vary (the activity was allowed for some clients and refused for others)
$ - Fee in Canadian dollars, +$ means extra fee.
conversation - enjoyable conversation (in English)
wine - likes to drink wine with client
shower - shares shower with client
hobbyist - habitual escort customer
spreadsheet - the Montreal escort spreadsheet I authored for a long time
black/brown - black hair/brown eyes
A 5-based rating like 5-4-3 is shorthand for appearance=excellent, personality=above average, service=average. Later reviews use a 10-based rating like 9-8-6.





A new hobbying year with Taylor

Taylor:, $200/hr, 24 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue, shaved; 9-9-9.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, red wine, ex-CF, ex-Tasha@DC


Taylor seemed glad to hear from me again and happened to be available the night of my arrival. She asked if I wanted her to bring anything. I told her I was all set and had even got massage oil from the Ville Marie mall below my hotel. We greeted each other with lip-locking deep kisses, opened the red wine and chatted. She laughed when I asked her why she doesn't have a web page yet. The reason she went part-time independent is because her schoolwork allows very limited time for escorting. She checks her escort email only every couple of days. Taylor said many hobbyists seem to get angry when she doesn't respond quickly or can't give them appointments when they want. A web ad would only make this worse. But perhaps later when her classes ease up.


She undressed to reveal black lingerie with tassels that she twirled like a grass skirt. We got naked in bed and I spent some time on her perky breasts and perkier nipples. I got out the massage oil and we practiced body slides. She calls my version of it the "cock slide". Taylor's body looks delicate but she likes her sex hard and fast. During daty, she vigorously ground her pussy into my mouth until she climaxed. Then she gave me a bbbj to get me ready.


Just before fs, she said she had a surprise for me and showed me what she called "orgasm balls". This was a vibrator with two vibrating balls on a cord with a speed control at the other end. Following her directions, I forced the balls (hers, not mine) into her tight pussy one at a time. My dick followed them in and made it a threesome. During the sex, I could feel her balls bang against my cock while my balls banged against her crotch. In line with her character, she likes the high speed setting on the vibrator. The vibrations and the pounding led to a strong orgasm for both of us.


I was too spent after this to use her bbbj & swallow talent that I usually look forward to. We spent the rest of the time alternating between deep wet kisses and deep sips of wine. While kissing good-bye, I thanked her for a great start to 2006 and gave her a big tip. She said with a twinkle in her eye that according to the Chinese, it was the Year of the Cock. So we are having a good time with cocks!


Scarlet, A Dream Girlfriend

Scarlet: $250/hr, $200/hr for repeat clients,,; 23 yr, 4'11, 100 lb, 34d real, natural blonde/blue, shaved; 9-9-9, conversation, dfk, loves-daty, dp, bbbj, 2-fs, red wine, ex-Alyson@CelinesFantasies.


I arranged the appointment with Scarlet several days ahead. We greeted each other with deep kisses and shared some red wine. It was close to her birthday so I gave her gifts along with her fee. We undressed each other, got into bed and cuddled. Scarlet is a pleasure to all senses - she looks good, smells good, feels good and tastes good. My lips and tongue explored her soft cheeks and pink lips. They continued down exploring her soft breasts and pink nipples. They finally moved lower to her... Well, as a tribute to the principle of avoiding graphic details, I won't describe any soft or pink parts between her thighs. We enjoyed a nice long daty to completion. With Scarlet, practically anyone can graduate in cunnilinguism. She said it was her turn and gave me her talented bbbj, which includes lots of exploring of the tip with her tongue. She was humming to herself when deep-throating the shaft, and the resonance felt like it was enveloped by a vibrator.


After an enjoyable full service, we had more wine and chatted. I asked about the business, noting that her web-page schedule was sporadically updated. Shook her head and said there were too many appointment requests to handle. She zaps all emails containing "weird questions" and those from new clients trying to get the regulars' discount, but there were still too many. Her work and social life left only occasional times for escorting. I realized I was lucky that I had established good relations with some popular escorts before they withdrew from general accessibility.


I took out my massage oil and gave her a massage. Then I just laid on top of her and was soon aroused by the warmth and closeness of her tiny body.  She felt the stirring and wiggled her hips and got me ready for a second service. Before she left, I told her that she could set our next appointment during my stay. Whenever she got an opportunity for time off, she could call me and we would see each other that evening. We hugged and kissed good-bye.


Jacynthe of Eleganza, (514) 812-5311 (John, Joe)

Jacynthe, $180/hr: 18 yr, 5'4, 112 lb, 34b-24-34, long blonde/brown, shaved, 9-7-8, no-English, no-kiss, no-daty, bbbj on request, 2-fs on request, no-wine


Eleganza has a members' area on their web site and I saw that a $160 special was being promoted. I called and Joe said the only escort still available that evening was Jacynthe but she could be at my hotel in 10 minutes. She was not in the spreadsheet but I had read  she was an attractive escort but with some service restrictions. Joe confirmed that the member discount was active so I had her sent over. Jacynthe was a pretty girl with a slim figure. She spoke very little English - enough to communicate but not carry a conversation. I offered a choice of wine but she said she didn't drink. After we attempted small talk for a while, she asked if I was ready. We undressed and got into bed.


Jacynthe said she did not kiss on the lips, so I turned my attention to her small but firm breasts. I moved down for daty, but she said she doesn't like being licked there. When I indicated I was ready for a bj, she asked if she could put on the condom. I optimistically asked for a bbbj. She examined my dick and gave me a wet bbbj interspersed with hj. I asked if she would allow kissing and daty for an extra $40, but she wasn't interested. She daubed plenty of lubricant on the condom for full service. After a while, I got my massage oil and gave her a massage. She mentioned needing to shower and I asked about a second service. She asked me if I had used Eleganza before and whether their other girls had given two services. When I said yes to both, she said OK. She didn't hesitate in giving me another bbbj until I was ready for the 2nd fs.


I was overly optimistic to ask if I could join her in the shower. Jacynthe said her shower was personal, but that I could take my shower before she did. Afterwards, she got dressed and offered her cheek for a good-bye kiss before leaving.


Annabelle of Celine's Fantasies, (514) 804-2354 (Celine), $160/hr

Annabelle: 20 yr, 5'3, 115 lb, perky 34b, dark blonde/blue, shaved; 8.5-9-9.5, some-English, dfk, dp, loves-daty, bbbjtc, 2-fs, white wine, shower


Celine recognized my voice before I could complete my introduction. I asked about some girls I hadn't met yet and found Annabelle could be at my hotel in 30 minutes. Annabelle chose the white wine and we relaxed and talked about each other. Within a few sips we were hugging and kissing on the couch. When I told her I loved kissing, she magically turned into a kissing machine. I sucked on her lips and sucked on her tongue and I was in kissing heaven. I found myself wondering whether her lips had turned deep pink with my kissing or had they always been that way?


We undressed each other before moving to the bed. Annabelle wore no bra and her perky little breasts seemed to say "We don't any"

I worked on those breasts for quite a while before moving down. The daty was delicious and progressed smoothly to orgasm. We started with full service and after a while, I asked about her reported bbbjtc service. She was all game for it. I quickly rinsed my dick and stuck it in her mouth, while she still laid in bed. She dutifully sucked on it till I erupted and continued sucking even after. I handed her glass of white wine to wash it all down.


I got out my lotion and massaged her while enjoying the look and feel of her young body. Men who love big boobs may deduct points for her appearance, but her body had no flaws for me. Annabelle spoke English haltingly but there was no problem in communicating. I imagine French-speaking clients would find her even more engaging. When she said he was going to shower, I asked if I could join her and she readily agreed. I got to give her a soap massage too! I added a $40 tip to the fee and promised a repeat date before I left Montreal.


Jessy of Satin Dreamz, (514) 223-0325 (Peter), $160/hr

Jessy: 27 yr, 5'1, 105 lb, 33a-23-33, long black/brown, trimmed; 8.5-9.5-9.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, bbbjtc, shower, white wine, ex-CF, ex-JDM


Jessy has switched to Satin Dreams again for a change of scenery but that hasn't affected her huge following. I called Peter early enough one afternoon when she happened to be available and 20 minutes later, Jessy was deep kissing me at the door. I had a bottle of Tia Maria and ice ready, and we drank it while catching up on events. Jessy and I go back a long way, so we dispensed with formalities and undressed each other madly like kids opening Christmas presents.


Jessy said she had read my review of Taylor and apologized for not having any vibrators herself. She said toys are not her thing. With a sudden realization she added "But all cocks are my toys!" and pounced on mine for a bbbj. I enjoyed the deep throat bbbj and bls for a while before moving to daty on the couch. We ended up having full service on the carpet. But this was giving her carpet burns on her back, so she suggested we switch to "chair sex". She positioned the chair beside the mirror and made me sit down. She squatted on my lap, taking my organ inside her, and we had bouncy sex while watching each other in the mirror. I told her I was all charged up and wanted to end with her bbbjtc. She took off the condom and her famous oral skills soon emptied me in her mouth. She went to the bathroom to wash her mouth and got a washcloth to clean me up too.


We still had time, so she filled the tub and brought our Tia Maria glasses to the bathroom. We sat and soaped each other and talked about her and the escort business. Among other things, she said agencies have to make difficult compromises between having too few but excellent escorts and having very many but with varying performance. They have to cater to two types of clients: those who find a good escort and see them repeatedly and those who want to try a different escort each time. (Apparently, I fit in both categories so I'm a desirable customer.) Jessy washed all my body parts while we were in the bath and gently toweled them dry when we got out. I asked her why she was attending to me so much when the bath was for her. She smiled and said "Because I like to pamper you". I gave her $200 as always. We made plans for a repeat session and bid good-bye with more deep kisses.


Ultimate 69 wuth Montreal Angel

Angel aka Tina: $250/hr, $425/2-hrs,, (514) 347-1625,; 34 yr, 5'5, 108 lb, 35c-24-34 implant, blonde/blue, shaved, 9-9.5-8.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, cbj, vibrator, white wine.


I arranged the date with Angel several days head. She greeted me with a kiss when she arrived and took off her coat to reveal a sexy red dress. I opened the white wine while she lit candles and placed them around the room. We sat on the couch exchanging deep wet kisses between sips of wine. She asked me to get comfortable while she went to the bathroom and came out showing off her new lingerie. This included a "shelf bra" that supported her breasts without covering it. I couldn't resist grabbing and sucking them.


We got naked and continued kissing and petting in bed. She took out a dildo from her goody bag asked me to insert it into her. I carefully pushed it deep in and started to stimulate her with it, while my own manhood rose up in envy. But she began to comfort it with a sensual cbj. Angel had me lie on my back and she positioned her pussy on my mouth for daty while she continued with the cbj. Pretty soon I was having what felt like the best 69 in the world! I was sucking on her clit, working the dildo inside her with one hand, and caressing all her private parts with the other. She was giving me a sensual blow job while stimulating my anal and prostrate areas with her fingers. I experienced a flood of pleasurable sensations and enjoyed feeling her orgasm at the end.


We rested to catch our breath before continuing with full service. The sex was vigorous and we were kissing throughout. We relaxed in bed, talked and finished the wine before Angel went to wash up. I gave her a $50 bill as a gift to buy another toy or lingerie for her collection. She presented me with a Penthouse mood-inducing massage oil to use on my next escort. We skipped the French good-bye pecks on her cheek and settled for deep wet good-bye kisses instead.


Natasha of Celine's Fantasies, (514) 804-2354 (Celine), $160/hr

Natasha: 20 yr, 5'5, 110 lb, 34b, brown/brown, shaved, tattoo; 8.5-9-9, conversation, dfk, dp, daty, bbbj, +$60 bbjtc & swallow, white wine, shower


No one was answering phones at CF the last couple of times I called, but this day there was a friendly Valerie to greet me. I told her I wanted to see Anabelle (who I had met before) or Natasha (who I hadn't yet). Valerie said Natasha would be staring her shift in a couple of hours and so I booked for the first appointment. Natasha was an attractive young girl who greeted me at the door with a big smile. She looked around my suite and said "Wow, I haven't been to this hotel before!" I showed her the red and white wines, and she chose the white Mouton Cadet. We drank it and talked about each other for a while. Natasha had a fresh, cheerful attitude that made conversation a pleasure. She is a student, and comes from a from a bilingual family. She is new to this business and is still getting the hang of things. She said she will soon have her pictures and a detailed schedule on the agency web site.


We found ourselves caressing and kissing on the couch while we were talking. I told her kissing was my favorite thing to do and she replied "Mine too! So we have something in common". It was clear that Natasha was my kind of girl. So we continued with deep wet kisses with lots of tongue exploration. She would occasionally bite my lips to spice things up. We undressed each other and got into bed. I sucked on her cute breasts and nipples for a while before moving down to a yummy daty. She rhythmically moved her hips to stimulate her clit against my tongue.


Next she started a sensual bbbj with lots of licking, and I watched her for a while before interrupting her with a proposition. I told her I had read on that she provides bbbjtc & swallow for an extra $60, and I produced the $60 I had placed under the pillow for this occasion. She was momentarily surprised before she broke into laughter, saying "You are a man who knows what he wants". I told her she may be new but was famous already. I wanted to keep the bbbjtc for last so we we had a long full service while kissing passionately. When I got near boiling point, I took off the condom and let her bbbjtc till I came. She kept sucking and swallowing till the last drop. I gave her white wine to wash down the aftertaste. I guess wine after is as good as pineapple before, to counteract the taste of cum.


I gave her a massage next. She appreciated it and said it makes her feel relaxed, especially since she is into sports. She reeled off a list of her favorite activities including soccer and kick boxing. As I massaged her long sexy legs, I realized they must be stronger than they look. She got ready to take a shower and I asked if I could join her. She smiled and said "Of Course!" as though the answer should be obvious. I was admiring her hot body as I soaped her all over, including her private areas. It was finally time to kiss good-bye. She had mentioned previously that she had been brought up to always have wine with her dinner. So I gave her the other wine bottle to take home.


Scarlet, Another Dinner Date

Scarlet: $250/hr, $200/hr for repeat clients,,; 23 yr, 4'11, 100 lb, 34d real, natural blonde/blue, shaved; 9-9-9, conversation, dfk, loves-daty, dp, bbbj, 2-fs, red wine


As she promised, Scarlet contacted me when she found she would have free time. She came straight from work and greeted me with deep kisses. We opened the red wine and talked. Then she took a shower while I got comfortable myself. We were soon in bed, deep-kissing each other, fondling each other's private parts, and sucking on soft sexy breasts. (OK, the last part was just me.) I enjoyed a long, delicious daty until she started to orgasm. I stayed down there gently milking all the spasms out of her.


She gave me a pleasurable bbbj, deep throating the shaft and stimulating the tip with her tongue. I enjoyed a full service with plenty of kissing. I showed her the Penthouse massage oil that Angel had given me, and used it to massage her. It was a thick viscous oil that smelled and tasted of piña colada. I lay on her, nuzzling and licking her skin to enjoy the flavor. We had a second service after a while.


We went downstairs for dinner afterwards. We had a long chat over the cocktails and the filet mignon. (We both seem to have the same tastes.) Scarlet feels that a continued dearth of private time for escorting may lead her to retire completely. In such an event, she will set up an auto-reply for her e-mail. If that happens any time soon, this will be the last review of my sweet Scarlet. I escorted her to a cab and kissed her good-bye.


Having a Ball with Taylor

Taylor:, $200/hr, 24 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue, shaved; 9-9-9.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, red wine, ex-CF, ex-Tasha@DC


This could be a long story so you may want to get a beer and settle down. Taylor called a few minutes before our scheduled repeat appointment saying she had missed her bus from school and had just got home, so she would be late. I asked her to come when she can and take a cab because I would pay the fare. I added "And come with your balls" referring to her favorite vibrator. She arrived soon enough and I brushed away her apologies with deep wet kisses. It seemed her day hadn't go too well. I told her that as a belated Christmas present, I would get her some lingerie from the Ville Marie mall at the basement level of my hotel. We got there only to find out that the shops had already closed. Was this really an unlucky day?


However, I remembered that another mall, the Eaton Center was open late and was connected to Ville Marie by a tunnel. So we moseyed over and found Victoire Delage, a Canadian equivalent of Victoria's Secret. Taylor browsed around and was trying to decide between a black satin & lace baby doll set, and a 1960's pattern bikini set. I asked her to take both. There were no other customers at this time, so she could change into each sexy lingerie in the dressing room and come out unabashedly to show them off for my approval. We were somewhat an incongruous couple to be so romantically linked, but the sales girl indulged us and watched with amusement. We strolled back to my room swinging the lingerie shopping bag, holding hands and kissing exuberantly like teenagers. We hugged and kissed in the elevator and hugged and kissed at my door.


I opened the red wine and brought the glasses to the bed. Meanwhile she had lit the candles and was bouncing in bed wearing new lingerie. After some mutual horseplay, she took out her "orgasm balls" vibrator. I suggested we try it with daty this time, so I pushed the balls deep inside her and held them in place with my finger. She turned on the vibrator and I turned on my tongue stimulation. Taylor likes her sex hard, so the more she was aroused the faster she thrust her pussy into my face. It felt as though my mouth was riding a bronco and my tongue was trying to stay on the clit saddle without falling off. The bucking stopped with her orgasm - I had tamed the horse without getting thrown off.


After enjoying full service, I showed her Angel's gift of the Pentouse mood-inducing massage oil. She used it to give me a body slide, occasionally licking me to taste the piña colada flavor. She recognized it as a warming oil and blew on my skin to show it produces a warm sensation. Taylor has a collection of lotions and toys, and even a special toy-cleaning solution. Her skill with these sex accouterments, her liberal services, her enjoyable company, her youth and beauty, are all perfect ingredients for success as a high-dollar escort. The only ingredient she lacks now is time. She will eventually have more of that available too.


After more wine, kissing and heavy petting, it was finally time for her unparalleled bbbj & swallow act. It was an intense pleasure to explode in her mouth. From the way she feasted on it and licked her lips afterward, one would have thought I was producing piña colada. I gave her more wine as a digestive and held her close in my arms. I noticed then that she had left the balls inside her all this while and they were still purring away! She turned them off and I gently pulled them out for her. She claimed that she had once fallen asleep with them still on and may have had multiple orgasms in her dreams. I never know when she is kidding.


Taylor moved the candles to the bathroom and turned off the light. We soaped and washed each other in a romantic candlelight shower. I gave her the Penthouse massage oil to use on her next client. If it gets passed around enough, it would have a great story to tell - perhaps the basis for a porn movie. I escorted her down the elevator, had the doorman call a cab and kissed her good-bye.


Encore with Annabelle, (514) 804-2354 (Celine, Valerie), $160/hr

Annabelle: 20 yr, 5'3, 115 lb, perky 34b, dark blonde/blue, shaved; 8.5-9-9.5, some-English, dfk, dp, loves-daty, bbbjtc, 2-fs, white wine, shower


It was nearing the end of my trip when I called Celine, but Annabelle and Natasha were in their forced monthly vacation. However, Annabelle would be back before my trip ended so I made a reservation and checked back that day to confirm. Annabelle arrived and we deep kissed in greeting. I gave her $200 and opened the white wine. We sat on the sofa, hugging and kissing. It was wonderful kissing session, sucking on each other's lips, licking each other's tongues, and groping each other all over. When my hand moved under her top while caressing her tummy, and she playfully moved my hand under her top to her bra-less breasts. I caressed her breasts with no complaint.


We soon shed our clothes and carried our wine glasses to bed for more frolicking. After sucking her perky breasts and nipples for a while, I moved down to dine on her shaved Y. She kneaded her nipples while my tongue stimulated her below and pretty she was convulsing with pleasure. We relaxed for a while before moving on to full service. This transitioned smoothly to bbbjtc. It was a big load and she rushed to spit it out in the sink. She drank wine to help swallow the traces.


I gave her a massage and joined her in the shower. I soaped and washed every inch of her and helped towel her dry afterwards. I couldn't help ogling her in the bathroom mirror when she wasn't looking. As we said good-bye, I told her I would be seeing her on my next trip to Montreal and kissed those deep pink lips one more time.


A Grand Send-Off by Jessy, (514) 223-0325 (Peter), $160/hr

Jessy: 27 yr, 5'1, 105 lb, 33a-23-33, long black/brown, trimmed; 8.5-9.5-9.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, bbbjtc, shower, white wine, ex-CF, ex-JDM


Jessy was my last date for the trip and I was her last client for the night. She didn't seem tired at all and rushed in to start deep-kisses as soon as I opened the door. I opened the white wine while she changed into sexy lingerie. She undressed me and greeted junior with a bbbj. We moved to the bed with the wine, and progressed from deep-kissing to daty. We had full service in a chair by the mirror. This time she sat on me facing away and it was an pleasurable variation on doggy. We gave each other massages afterwards, with her's being much more forceful. She even stood over me on the bed to tug and stretch my legs.


Jessy filled the bath and we relaxed in hot soapy water, drinking more wine. I was caressing her legs when she said she needed to shave, and fetched a razor from her purse. She sat across me in the tub, put a foot on my chest, and soaped and shaved that leg. Before she started on the other leg, she asked me to feel and compare the difference. For me, one felt quite smooth and the other even smoother. I asked her to feel my chin to see what I would call rough. She said she shaves every day, but not with a client watching! When we got out and dried each other, it was obvious that I was fully aroused, perhaps with the intimacy of watching her shave. She fixed that quite nicely with bls and bbbjtcim. She washed her mouth and brushed her teeth afterwards.


We got dressed and stopped by at the hotel bar for martinis. When she lit a cigarette. she remembered a recent post where a reviewer claimed she had smoke-stained teeth. She turned to me and asked me to see if her teeth were yellow. I examined them closely and they were all pearly white. I told her they were whiter than most non-smokers' teeth. "They should be" she said with satisfaction, "I brush my teeth at least five times a day". With a mischievous look she added "And they probably get bleached by a hot white fluid that gets poured on them first". I laughed at the thought of the Dental Association endorsing bbbjtcim.


We chatted about the participation of hobbyists, escorts and agency owners on review boards. Jessy avidly reads reviews, especially when she can connect a client with their on-line handle. She also checks out their reviews of other escorts to see what turns them on. She talked about how she can get on with a wide range of personalities in clients, but she was helpless with those who disliked skinny petite figures. I agreed that she sould not expect to please everyone, though she succeeds more than others. Even if she gets implants, dyes her blonde and puts on more weight in the right places, she will still have criticism about her looks. I told her I was speaking for all her regular clients when I say "Jessy, we love you just the way you are".


Annabelle of Celines, (514) 804-2354 (Celine, Joanne, Valerie), $160/hr

Annabelle: 20 yr, 5'3, 115 lb, perky 34b, dark blonde/blue, shaved; 8.5-9-9.5, some-English, dfk, dp, loves-daty, bbbjtc, 2-fs, white wine, shower


I had a craving for Annabelle's pink lips, so I called her agency first. Joanne the receptionist said she was booked the rest of the night, so I made a reservation for the next day. Annabelle arrived promptly with a big welcoming smile and we greeted each other with deep kisses. I opened the white wine while she called the agency. We cuddled on the couch, kissing and conversing. We soon found ourselves undressing each other and I told her this was the first time I am seeing her wear a bra!


We carried our wine to the bed for more deep kissing and caressing. I enjoyed a nice long daty to successful completion. The session went on to bbbj and full service and ended with bbbjtcim. We finished our wine, sitting and cuddling in bed. I gave Annabelle a massage and then joined her in the shower, where I soaped and admired her body. She got dressed, collected the fee & $40 tip, and it was time to kiss her lips good-bye.


Jessy of Satin Dreamz, (514) 223-0325 (Peter), $160/hr

Jessy: 28 yr, 5'1, 105 lb, 33a-23-33, long black/brown, trimmed; 8.5-9.5-9.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, bbbjtc, shower, white wine, ex-CF, ex-JDM


Setting up a date with Jessy was a breeze. I called Peter in the afternoon and he gave me a time for Jessy's next available slot that night. She arrived at the appointed time and we managed several deep kisses while walking from the door to the sofa. She started unbuttoning my shirt before we could sit down and soon we stripped each other completely. While I was flinging away her lacy pink lingerie, she reminded me that I had bought those for her long ago. Jessy said she needed to say hello to her friend and dropped to her knees to welcome it with bbbj and bls. I started daty while she was standing up and phoning Peter, continued daty with her sitting on the sofa and completed it after moving to the bed because she wanted to spread her legs wide. After a vigorous full service, I stayed on top, enjoying the moment and admiring her body. I love several things about Jessy's appearance, but the most captivating feature is her eyes. We can thank her Native Indian genes for those beauties.


We washed up and relaxed, staying naked. I apologized for not taking time to be hospitable and opened the bottle of her favorite liqueur I had got for her. We sipped and cuddled romantically. We updated each other about ourselves and also about Montreal's escort rumor mill. I got out the massage oil and we gave each other massages. Jessy rode me hard in a cowgirl position, then it was off with the condom for bbbjtcim. We showered together afterwards, washing and drying each other. She got dressed, picked up the fee with a $40 tip, and hugged & kissed good-bye.


Chloe of Devilish, (514) 777-7807 (Chris, Mike), $160/hr

Chloe: 18 yr, 5'2, 105 lb, 34b-24-34, long black/brown, shaved, tattoos; 9-8-9, some-English, dfk, dp, daty, bls, bbbj, +$60 bbbjtcim, 2-fs, white wine, shower


The night was young and so was my companion. Chloe, an 18-year old imp from Devilish Escorts, looked beautiful too when she stepped into my room. She had been fully booked when I called the previous night, so I followed the Chris's suggestion to call at 5 pm to schedule an appointment before her slots filled up. Chloe took off her coat and boots, called the agency, chose the white wine, and settled down with me on the sofa. The lady was kissable - I think the dfk started before our conversation did. Her tongue probed deep enough to lick the roof of my mouth and my tongue played with her tongue stud. We talked about each other between sips of wine. She spoke enough English for conversation, though she occasionally asked me to repeat sentences slowly.


Chloe gently unbuttoned and took off my shirt. I took off her black dress and found that it was the only item of clothing she was wearing! I hurried to catch up and she immediately started a sensual bbbj and bls while gazing at me from below. I enjoyed this for a while and then took her to bed to have an enjoyable daty. After full service, we conversed with more wine and she smoked after asking permission. This profession has enabled her to go from sharing a place with 2 roommates to an upscale apartment with a river view and she was enjoying life.


I gave Chloe a massage and by this time I was ready for the second service. I asked if I could come in her mouth and she said that would be $60 more, which was fine with me. She held it in her mouth until I was completely drained and went to the bathroom to spit. She also agreed to let me shower with her and we soaped and washed each other. Five minutes after we had kissed good-bye, Chris the agency owner called to ask if the session went well. I had more than two thumbs up!


Jewel aka Sabrina of Celines Fantasies, (514) 804-2354 (Celine, Joanne, Valerie), $160/hr

Jewel aka Sabrina: 19 yr, 4'11, 95 lb, 34b, long brown/green, trimmed; 9-9-8.5, conversation, kiss, daty, dp, bbbj, 2-fs, wine


Good things come in small packages. Less is more. The best spices are in small bags. Short and sweet. The smaller the canvas the finer the vision. Small is beautiful. When I answered the loud knocking at the door, I saw a girl who personified these proverbs. Jewel came in and grew even shorter by taking off her shoes. She stood tippy toes and I bent down while we kissed. She didn't have a preference when I offered a choice of wines, so I picked one to open. I enjoyed the lively conversation and the moderate french kisses while sipping the wine. She seems to be a smart girl with a good sense of humor.


We undressed each other before moving to bed for more kissing and caressing. I admired her b-cup breasts which look like c-cups relative to her size. Jewel said her nipples were sensitive so I focused my attention on surrounding areas. I moved down for daty but paused to admire and caress her trimmed bush. I dined carefully, realizing she could be sensitive there too. I had to use soft pressure and surgical precision to stimulate her tiny clit. She soon showed signs of pleasure and her pelvic thrusts marched to the beat of my tongue. She got a strong orgasm and told me I was the best she has had so far. (Yes, seriously!)


Jewel had me lie on my back and gave me a pleasurable bbbj with lots of licking and sucking. An enjoyable full service followed, during which she said "Let me give you a hug" and squeezed her vagina tight around my dick. After I finished, I stayed inside her for a while, enjoying more "hugs". We washed up and had the rest of the wine in bed, talking and joking about various things. My offer of a massage was trumped by hers, so I got a relaxing back rub. We had time for another bbbj and second service with more of her hugs. She preferred to shower alone afterwards. I helped this spinner put on her clothes, added a $20 tip to the fee and kissed her good-bye.


Jewel left me inspired to create proverbs for this hobby: The smaller the pussy, the tighter the feeling. Little butts let you grab larger handfuls. You feel like a winner when screwing a spinner.


 Taylor the Swallow Queen

Taylor:, $200/hr, 24 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue, shaved; 9-9-9.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, red wine, ex-CF, ex-Tasha@DC


Taylor was stressed out as usual trying to juggle time between schoolwork and other work. My appointment got moved twice before the day she actually showed up at my door. But her enthusiastic greeting with tongue-probing kisses made it worth the wait. We opened the red wine and a few sips later, we were stripping each other. She was wearing black thong lingerie with her long pink nipples poking out through metal rings on her bra. I could suck on them with her bra on. She also had what looked like a key ring at the front of her thong-net panty and regretted she didn't have a penis to stick through. I showed her that the ring was really too small for one.


We got naked and moved to the bed for more deep-kissing, daty and bbbj. While we were having sex in the doggy position, Taylor reached around me and stuck a finger into my ass. I came soon afterwards. We relaxed and talked, drinking more wine in bed. She hasn't decided whether to spend summer home in the west or stay in Montreal and open a website. After some time, I gave her a massage and she gave me a bbbj to revive me. We tried some exotic positions. When I was primed for the bbbjtc & swallow finale, I removed the condom and let her take over. She sucked and swallowed while I was squirting into her mouth and licked her lips clean afterwards. I think Taylor is Montreal's Swallow Queen with her apparent love for the taste of cum. We finished the wine, showered and got dressed. I gave Taylor $220 and another deep kiss before she rushed back to her busy life.


Montreal Angel, Independent

Angel aka Tina: $250/hr, $425/2-hrs,, (514) 347-1625,; 34 yr, 5'5, 108 lb, 35c-24-34 implant, blonde/blue, shaved, 9-9.5-8.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, cbj, vibrator, white wine.


I missed Angel on my last trip, so it was time to make it up. We greeted each other with deep kisses. I opened the white wine and we kissed and cuddled on the couch while exchanging news. She changed into sexy lingerie while I got more comfortable and we got into bed for more kissing and groping. The lingerie didn't stay on for long and I was soon enjoying daty on her juicy pussy. Then it was Angel's turn and I enjoyed a long sensual cbj. The full service started slow and ended with a frenzy. I gave her a relaxing massage afterwards. We continued with more wine, deep-kissing and chatting until it was time to say good-bye.


Lexie aka Natasha of XXXtase, (514) 571-1723 (Martin), $150/hr

Lexie aka Natasha: 20 yr, 5'5, 110 lb, 34b, brown/brown, shaved, tattoo; 8.5-9-9, conversation, dfk, dp, daty, bbjtc & swallow, white wine, shower, ex-Natasha@CF


I enjoyed my time with Lexie when she was Natasha at her previous agency Celine's Fantasies, so I wanted to see her again. I had called Martin the owner a couple of times unsuccessfully, but this time she happened to be working. She would be available 3 hours later which was OK with me. Steve the driver called on time to announce Lexie was on her way. Lexie remembered me well and we deep-kissed passionately at the door. She confirmed that she has no fixed schedule and when she feels like working, she lets Martin know around 5 pm. She picked the white wine and we alternated between deep kisses and deep sips. We talked about all the buzz surrounding her short disappearance from the escort scene. However, many of her previous clients have now found her again her at her new agency.


We stripped and got into bed for more kissing and caressing. I enjoyed daty for a while and then she inserted two fingers to masturbate herself. Lexie gave me a bbbj with plenty of bls, followed by an enjoyable full service. We cuddled in bed and finished the wine. We tried to complete a bbbjtcim but there was not enough time after the first service for me to perform. We showered together afterwards, soaping and groping each other. I added a tip to her fee and we deep-kissed good-bye.


 Dinner Date with Taylor

Taylor:, $200/hr, 24 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue, shaved; 9-9-9.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, red wine, ex-CF, ex-Tasha@DC


It was 30 minutes before our appointment when I got a call from a distraught Taylor. She had unexpectedly got her period. I said Ce la vie, that's the way the cookie bounces. But how about just meeting for dinner instead? That sounded good to her and she was in my room shortly. I gave her a part of her usual fee, ignoring her remarks that it was unnecessary.


Taylor saw the bulge in my pants and playfully caressed it, but the problem only got bigger. I can't recollect the lightning sequence of events in the next few seconds, but Taylor was on her knees giving me a bbbj. When I groped her breasts through her clothes, she peeled off her top and bra while she was still sucking! It struck me that I was was enjoying a streetwalker-quickie type of experience without having to leave my room. We alternated between her sucking me and me fucking her mouth until I sounded the warning and and shot squirts down her throat. She kept swallowing but some of the stuff overflowed from her lips, dribbled down her chin and splashed on her breasts. She got up and we admired her image in the mirror - a beautiful topless valleygirl with glistening white droplets on her chin and her cleavage.


We cleaned up and headed for dinner. Taylor said she like Chinese food, so we decided to go to Montreal's China Town which was near by. We walked down the road with an arm around each other. I found myself curbing her impulse to cross streets in the middle without getting to the traffic light. We saw a brightly-painted pagoda on top of the Chinatown Holiday Inn and it looked like a restaurant which would have a good view. The hotel elevators didn't seem to go all the way up, and when we came down and asked at the front desk, they claimed it was only a facade. We came up with a conspiracy theory as we got back on the road - It was a secret restaurant with a secret access route provided only to members of a Chinese secret society.


We picked out a restaurant in Chinatown and got seated. When I asked the waiter's suggestion on a red wine, he disappeared for a moment and came back with 6 different bottles for us to choose. Taylor selected an Australian cabernet and we browsed the menu while sipping it. She is not much into red meat, so I had her select two dinners that we could share. The food, the wine, the conversation and her company were all absolutely enjoyable. There were no curious stares from the restaurant clientele, even though we didn't look like the average couple. And to top it all, Taylor was playing footsies with me throughout the meal.


I offered to get her a cab but she preferred to take the subway, so we headed for the station. I didn't know if it was the wine or her company that made me feel as young as her, but I found myself holding her hand and dashing across streets, ignoring the lights and dodging traffic. We bid good-bye with long deep kisses. On the way back to my hotel, I noticed I was using pedestrian crossings again.


Thrills with Jessy, (514) 223-0325 (Peter), $160/hr

Jessy: 28 yr, 5'1, 105 lb, 33a-23-33, long black/brown, trimmed; 8.5-9.5-9.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, bbbjtc, shower, white wine, ex-CF, ex-JDM


It was the roller coaster with a seductive personality. I had ridden it many times but it kept drawing me back for more. Each time I approached it, it seemed to flood me with anticipation. That was many years ago.


Today Jessy is my roller coaster. Seeing her smiling eyes when I opened the door, triggered the same warm feeling of anticipation. The chatting over wine, the deep french-kissing and the mutual stripping were all part of the exhilarating ascent to build up energy. We then accelerated over a series of emotional highs with oral sex, straight sex, sex in the chair, sex in the bed, slow sex, fast sex, let's-have-a-blast sex. The climactic loop-the-loop feeling came as I squirted my cum into Jessy's mouth. Even as the session was coasting to a stop with a massage and a hot bath, my body was being pampered with motherly affection.


Thanks for the ride, Baby! I'll be back for more.


Tiny Shiny Jewel, (514) 804-2354 (Celine, Joanne, Valerie), $160/hr

Jewel aka Sabrina: 19 yr, 4'11, 95 lb, 34b, long brown/green, trimmed, tattoos; 9-9-8.5, conversation, lfk, daty, dp, bbbj, 2-fs, wine


The cute little package was delivered on time. Jewel was bright and cheerful as we greeted each other with hugs and kisses. She is light and petite in size and figure - the quintessential spinner. I feel like sticking her on my dick and spinning her around like a propeller. In fact, she may be the tiniest escort in Montreal!


We chatted over wine for a while before undressing each other and getting into bed. Her reaction to my instinct to suck nipples reminded me that they were sensitive. I went down for a nice long daty till its successful completion. She gave me a bbbj next, and the way she ran her tongue stud up and down my shaft felt really good. She said that the reason she got a stud was to give good bbbj's. She also claimed that there was a new tongue stud for men, with a built-in vibrator to pleasure their ladies. I was thinking to myself "Ouch! I wouldn't go that far to attract women" when she added coyly "But of course, you don't need to have one - your tongue does well on its own".


Having sex felt even better as Jewel squeezed me with her pussy-hugs. And I could squeeze her little butt as I rammed her. We relaxed in bed afterwards, cuddling and talking while we finished the wine. My massage offer was turned down again since she would rather give than receive. She gave me a sensual one with light, tingly caresses. This got me ready for a second service. She showered, dressed and picked up her fee. Jewel was still bright and cheerful as we hugged and kissed good-bye. The cute little package then vanished into the night.


PS: Jewel is now Jasmine at


Toying with Taylor

Taylor:, $200/hr, 24 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue, shaved; 9-9-9.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, wine, ex-CF, ex-Tasha@DC


The email was from Taylor. She had got a new toy! Do I want to try it out? The answer was a no-brainer. I gave up plans to call another agency and made an appointment with her instead.


We started a deep kissing session as soon as she stepped in. I offered her wine and she preferred the white this time. I opened the bottle and we sipped it between wet kisses. I helped her light the candles and turn down the lights before undressing each other. Her perky breasts seemed to hold out their long pink nipples and cry "Suck me! Suck me!". I obeyed gladly.


Taylor showed me her new toy and I couldn't wait any longer to try it out. It was a silver egg-shaped vibrator attached to a cord with a speed control at the other end. She called it an "orgasmatron". She lubricated the orgasmatron and my condom and let me insert both into her cunt. It was great sex, sucking on her lips while fucking her vibrating pussy. She demonstrated the three vibrator settings which I would describe as "mild", "strong" and "wow!".


We relaxed lazily in bed, drinking our wine and talking about her dreams of working in Europe after her studies. She had the lotion ready for a massage and body slide, but we never got around to it. I moved down to dine at her Y. She switched to a 69 position, turned on the orgasmatron, and stimulated all my private areas while I sucked on her clit. Then I took the orgasmatron to play with in her pussy while she sucked my dick. It gave me lascivious pleasure to mush the orgasmatron in and watch her pussy lips spread out, envelope the egg and swallow it as I pushed it in deep into her vagina. Then I could watch in reverse motion as I gently pulled it out. This is how it would look if humans laid eggs. I tried all three vibrator settings and watched her reactions. I was fulfilling my mad-scientist fantasy!


I can't say if it was my toy play or her sucking at the other end that brought me to the verge, but I knew her bbbjtc & swallow was too good to miss watching. I quickly changed positions to straddle her face as she lay on her back. Her mouth also seemed to have three settings and the sucking increased in intensity even as I was ejaculating into her mouth. I watched in awe as this goddess savored and swallowed my offering.


We moved the candles to the bathroom and got into the shower. I took charge of the soap and lathered her up. I faithfully followed her commands like "Wash my pussy" and "Now wash my ass". She returned the favor next and washed me and my privates. She also washed the orgasmatron with a special cleaning agent. After we got dressed, I gave her the fee, tip and cab fare and kissed her good-bye. A few minutes later, I found the note she had left for me saying "Hi Baby! I had a GREAT time with you tonight!". That's exactly how I feel about you, Sweet T!


Splish Splash with Emma of Devilish, (514) 777-7807 (Chris, Mike), $160/hr

Devilish escorts has changed their name and web address to

Emma: 21 yr, 5'5, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, black/brown, shaved, tattoo; 8-9-9.5, some-English, dfk, daty, no-dp, squirts, bbbj, +$ bbbjtc & swallow, 2-fs, water/no-wine, shower, ex-Eve@sexyxxx


"She loves to squirt" claimed the agency's web page describing Emma. So I made arrangements with Chris the owner a day ahead. Emma was a slim and nice-looking brunette who arrived with a smile. I offered her wine from the minibar but she said she preferred water instead. I showed her the two bottles of water provided by the hotel's turn-down service and she took a long swig. We soon got comfortable and moved to the bed for a nice deep-kissing session. I also spent time on her perky breasts.


As I moved down for daty, I asked Emma about squirting. She responded "You want to see me splash? OK!" and gurgled down more water. She got two towels from the bathroom and laid them on the bed saying "I splash a lot". It was an enjoyable daty with me sucking away below and her chugging away above. Emma reached an orgasm but there was no squirting! She apologetically said she would try again later and gulped down more water.


We kissed some more and she started a bbbj. Her technique was excellent and I enjoyed it for a while. When I asked if she lets clients come in her mouth, she hesitantly said she would like a tip for that. She was happy when I offered $40, and I told her I wanted to keep that for later. We started an enjoyable full service with plenty of kissing. By this time, Emma had emptied both bottles and we could hear the loud sloshing of water in her tummy as I pounded her. When I was sufficiently primed, I took off the condom and let her continue with a bbbj. I squirted a lot myself but she sucked and swallowed everything.


We cleaned up and relaxed in bed for more kissing, cuddling and talking. After a while, she was ready for another try at splashing. I assumed a daty position, but this time Emma stimulated herself with her fingers while I watched close up. Soon, I saw a clear fluid welling up in her vagina like lava in a volcano. Suddenly a geyser of colorless, odorless liquid splashed on my face. A moment later, another squirt drenched me. Then there was a third eruption. Lady Squirt-a-lot had delivered as advertised. This was more fun than a water park!


Emma dumped the soggy towels in the bathroom and she let me join her in the shower. We had more fun soaping and washing each other all over. I gave her the last fresh bath towel and dried myself using a hand towel. She asked if she could have some snacks from the minibar, and read the fat content listed on each package before making her choices. It must be her secret to keeping a good figure. I gave her $200 and we kissed good-bye. What an extraordinary adventure for an ordinary price!


Girlfriend Jessy, (514) 223-0325 (Peter), $160/hr

Jessy: 28 yr, 5'1, 105 lb, 33a-23-33, long black/brown, trimmed; 8.5-9.5-9.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, bbbjtc, shower, white wine, ex-CF, ex-JDM


It is a truth universally acknowledged that an out-of-town man, in possession of an adequate budget, must be in want of an escort. Numerous agencies target this market, but only few deliver what most clients really want - a temporary girlfriend. Jessy is my ideal girlfriend of the hour who leaves me happy and content with every visit.


I was all prepared when Peter announced she was on the way. I had changed currency and got her favorite liqeur and a massage oil from shops below my hotel. Jessy greeted me at the door with deep tongue-probing kisses and we chatted for a while to catch up on news. We soon undressed each other and she started a bbbj while I admired her slim petite body. This led to daty and then full service, with me gazing into her beautiful eyes between deep kisses.


We gave each other massages and cuddled and talked. I recharged just in time for Jessy's famous bbbjtcim. I enjoyed showering with her afterwards and washing each other all over. It was finally time for my girlfriend to leave. We exchanged more deep wet kisses and said au revoir but not good-bye.


Annabelle of Celines, (514) 804-2354 (Celine, Peter), $160/hr

Annabelle: 20 yr, 5'3, 115 lb, perky 34b, dark blonde/blue, shaved; 8.5-9-9.5, some-English, dfk, dp, loves-daty, bbbjtc, 2-fs, white wine, shower


It was convenient having Peter answer phones for both Satin Dreams and Celines Fantasies. I could check who was available in the combined pool of escorts and make my selection from either agency. Anabelle greeted me with a smile and a deep kiss at the door. I opened the white wine and sipped and talked. Soon I was enjoying deep tongue-probing kisses while groping her breasts. When we undressed each other, I saw she had no bra for her perky breasts. We stood naked and hugged tightly, letting her soft breasts squeeze between us and my hard dick dig into her tummy.


We got in bed for more kissing and tonguing. I worked my way from her lips to her pussy, stopping at all interesting parts on the way. I dined at her Y until she orgasmed with powerful spasms. I rested on top of her for a while before continuing with full service. I ended with a nice bbbjtcim. She lay holding it in her mouth for a while before going to the bathroom. She returned with a warm washcloth to clean me up. I gave her a massage and we cuddled and talked. We showered together afterwards. I gave her $200 and deep-kissed her hot pink lips again before she left.


Kiki of Devilish, (514) 777-7807 (Chris, Mike), $160/hr

Devilish escorts has changed their name and web address to

Kiki: 20 yr, 5'9, 118 lb, 34c-24-34 real, blonde/blue, shaved, tattoo; 8.5-9-9, conversation, fk, daty, bbbj, bls, bath


I answered the knock to see a tall sexy blonde waiting expectantly at the door. I had called Chris early enough to book Kiki's first appointment of the night. I invited her in, made the introductions and asked if she preferred the red or white wine from the minibar. She said "Surprise me" so I opened the red. We chatted for a while as we drank it. Kiki was born in Germany and raised in Quebec but there was neither accent in her her nasal twang. Her strip club named her Kiki after porn star Kiki Daire and it stuck. She suggested we get comfortable so we started to undress. I was between discarding my shirt and unzipping my pants when I noticed she was stretched fully naked in bed. This girl is faster than Superman in a phone booth!


We started with a nice session of kissing that was between lfk and dfk without tongue.  I sucked on her nipples but her reaction indicated it was too sensitive. I moved down to daty and got the same reaction. I tried reducing the pressure and speed of my tongue, and even asking her if she preferred it a certain way. Kiki's verbal response was "It's OK, just do what you like" while her physical response seemed to say "Help! I can't take that much longer". So I moved up and offered my dick for bbbj. She gratefully pounced on it and demonstrated her excellent skills in this area. She asked me not to come in her mouth. When I enquired about bls, she asked "What do you want me to do?" and did so. This seemed to confirm her submissive personality. The bbbj and bls were very stimulating.


When we moved on to full service, Kiki warned me she was tight. She was quite tight for her size which made it more enjoyable. We relaxed in bed afterwards, drinking our wine between kisses. We even had an accident, spilling red wine on the white sheet - I guess I should have picked the white wine. I gave her a massage, paying adequate attention to her long legs.


Kiki asked me what I wanted to do next. I saw we had 20 minutes left and suggested relaxing in a hot bath. She said she loved bubble baths. So we filled the tub and added plenty of shower gel and got in. She soaped and washed me first. Then she sat between my thighs and let me soap her back. She turned around to face me so I could wash her front. Meanwhile she was giving me an underwater handjob. One thing led to another and I ended up squirting on her breasts since she doesn't do bbbjtcim. I saw white droplets hit her front, drip down, and plonk into the soapy water between her legs. I froze with a flashback of an escort long ago, who made me wash my dick before getting into the bath with her. She claimed that stray sperm could swim across and make her pregnant! However, Kiki nonchalantly remained in the water while she washed the cum off. After we got dressed, I added a tip to her fee and we kissed good-bye.


Heavenly Taylor

Taylor: (under construction),, $300/hr, $500/2-hrs, discount for repeat clients, 24 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue, shaved; 9-9-9.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, red wine, ex-CF, ex-Tasha@DC


The sultry evening turned into a rainy dusk as I waited for my sunshine girl. Taylor arrived bright and cheerful and treated me to some delicious deep kissing. She said "It's been a while since I had some Robin's sauce". This immediately caused my sauce dispenser to spring to attention. I opened and poured the red wine. Meanwhile instead of lighting her candles, she turned off the lights and opened the window to create a storm-weather ambiance. Taylor talked about her web site that was under construction and her new rates, She liked my suggestion of a discount for regular clients.


I undressed her to discover burlesque-looking lingerie with tassels of glass beads. They were hanging over her bare breasts and pussy like chandeliers. I nudged the tassels aside to suck the perky nipples on her perky breasts. We were soon fully naked in bed, deep kissing with lots of tongue probing. Taylor didn't have her vibrator this time, but had brought two kinds of lotions. She massaged me with her hands first and then with a body slide (she called it her pussy slide). Next it was my turn to massage her with a cock slide. I enjoyed daty and bbbj before starting on fs. I ended up straddling her face while she sucked on my sauce dispenser. It soon delivered gobs of creamy sauce for her to swallow.


We finished the rest of the wine and got in the shower. We soaped and washed each other all over - I won't mention body parts so as to avoid too much detail in the review. We got dressed and kissed passionately before she left. The heavenly afterglow remained long after she had gone.


Date and Dinner with an Angel

Angel aka Tina: $250/hr, $425/2-hrs,, (514) 347-1625,, 34 yr, 5'5, 108 lb, 35c-24-34 implant, blonde/blue, shaved, 9-9.5-8.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, cbj, vibrator, white wine.


Angel looked slimmer and prettier than ever when she stepped into my room. Her figure is so petite that few retailers stock her dress size. We deep kissed for a while before opening the white wine and catching up on escort news. I lit her luminescent gel candles while she changed into her string bikini. After pulling some strings, we were soon comfortable in bed, enjoying deep kisses. It was real dfk with lots of tongue sucking.


I moved down for a delicious daty that progressed nicely to completion. Angel then took out a banana flavored condom and gave me a stimulating cbj. We had sex in missionary while we french kissed. I noticed that her kisses now had a banana flavor! We cuddled and talked and finished the rest of the wine in bed. She got dressed but laughed when she saw me put on my red pajamas to get ready for bed.


I invited Angel to dinner with a mutual friend the next day. She mentioned that her favorite restaurant was Gibby's in old Montreal, so that's where we went. She recommended the entrée (beef wellington) and the waiter recommended the bottle of wine. We all had a good time. I recommended that we do this every time I visit Montreal!


Taylor without a Stitch

Taylor:,,, $300/hr, $500/2-hrs, $1000 for 5 1-hr dates, 25 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue, shaved; 9-9-9.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, red wine, ex-CF, ex-Tasha@DC


I opened my door and saw a naked beauty standing in the hallway. Yes it was Taylor, wearing nothing but her shoes and her smile! She stepped in with her clothes in one hand and her purse in the other. I barely recovered my speech to say "Wow!" before we were locked in a hug and kiss. So the new Guinness record for the fastest time to get an escort naked is zero.


I hurried to get off my clothes and joined her in a flurry of activity on the floor. We rolled around while french kissing with lots of tongue dueling. She have me a bbbj under the coffee table and fingered my ass while I fingered her pussy. I did her doggie style while she leaned on the couch. After cleaning up, I opened the red wine and we relaxed and talked. Since I see Taylor each time I visit Montreal, I paid $1000 for her 5-session package. With the declining US dollar, this could turn out to be a good investment.


After a while, we moved to the bedroom of my suite and I feasted on her perky breasts and long nipples. I also dined for a long time at her delicious Y. I took out my massage lotion and we gave each other body slides. When Taylor felt our thighs scraping, she said "Let me lube my loins" and spread lotion on her inner thighs. This made my cock-slide glide smoothly and made me fully aroused. Her bbbjtc & swallow at the end was superb as always. If I have left out any detail, you can use your imagination. We showered together afterward, soaping each other all over. I paid special attention to her pussy.


Before Taylor left, she demonstrated how she saw no one around when she knocked, and she wasn't wearing any lingerie, so she whipped off her clothes in a flash like so and... voilà!


 G-Spot Lessons with Taylor

Taylor:,,, $300/hr, $500/2-hrs, $1000 for 5 1-hr dates, 25 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue, shaved; 9-9-9.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, red wine, ex-CF, ex-Tasha@DC


It was another adventurous session with Taylor. Other escorts I wanted to see were not available but luckily she was ready for a repeat. As usual I won't go into titillating details, out of respect for her. We greeted each other with our customary deep wet kisses. We poured the red wine and proceeded to make out. Taylor almost spilt wine on her top during dfk, so it was a good excuse to get out of our clothes. I feasted on her perky nipples while she stroked my dick and ass. She said her $80 orgasm balls stopped working after two months. She was frustrated that sex toys don't have warranties. However, she had a new toy now and showed me the g-spot stimulator designed to produce g-spot orgasms. Taylor prefers to call it the "g-spot orgasmifier" It was a bulb shaped vibrator angled just right at the end of a shaft. It looked like our session was going to be another science project!


We turned down the lights and got in bed. I could see the vibrator glow in the dark. But first, I wanted to know how far deep her g-spot was, so I could aim the orgasmifier right. Taylor readily agreed to give me a lesson. I wet two fingers in my mouth and inserted them deep into her vagina. She then asked me to curl my fingertips until they felt a soft fleshy mound. Now I could probe all over it and know its size and location. That gynecological exam let me know how to use the g-spot vibrator. Taylor turned it on and I inserted it inside her and positioned the bulb on her g-spot. The low setting on the vibrator was pleasurable for her and I could play with maneuvering it around. But the high setting almost made her jump out of bed. Ha! Another mad-scientist experiment was concluded.


By this time I had my own natural orgasmifier hard and ready. She used a pink condom and inserted it in for more stimulation. Taylor likes the sex hard, so I obliged by doing some heavy pounding. My orgasmifier didn't vibrate but it pulsed quite a bit at the end. We cuddled in bed afterwards and talked. Taylor is reading up on squirting and believes she can make herself squirt during g-spot orgasms if she masters the technique. I volunteered to be the test subject for any trial experiment. She gave me a body-slide massage and then got a hot bath ready. We finished the rest of the wine in the bathtub while we soaped and washed each other. This was a prepaid session but I gave Taylor a tip for cab fare as we deep-kissed good-bye. She forgot to take the orgasmifier (hers not mine), so she had to come back for it the next day.


Jessy, Just in Time, (514) 223-0325 (Peter), $160/hr

Jessy: 28 yr, 5'1, 105 lb, 33a-23-33, long black/brown, trimmed; 8.5-9.5-9.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, bbbjtc, body slide, shower, white wine, ex-CF, ex-JDM


I answered the soft knock on the door to see Jessy's sparkling eyes and her welcoming smile. It was the last day of my trip. I had arrived in Montreal several days earlier, but had to wait till she got back from  a trip to California before I could see her. She had recommended another escort to see while she was away, but that didn't pan out. Jessy was officially still on vacation, but made an exception to see me before I left. We kissed passionately with lots of tongue play before undressing each other. She said "Let me check on Batman" and dropped to her knees to give me a bbbj and bls. I went on my knees too, making her crouch down on all fours to continue the sucking. Now I could reach around and play with her pussy. Soon she put a cape on Batman and let him enter her Batcave while she sprawled on carpet. Being a mere sidekick, I stayed behind and cheered.


Jessy didn't feel like having wine, so I poured bottled water in our wine glasses and we relaxed to talk. Since Peter is taking care of logistics for both Satin Dreamz and Celine's Fantasies, she plans to do duos with Annabelle more often. We moved to the bed for more dfk and sucking on her petite breasts. I went down on her and enjoyed a nice daty to completion. She gave me a firm massage using lots of baby oil. She topped this with a body slide, and I gave her one too. I was soon ready for her delightful bbbjtcim.


We soaked in a hot bath afterwards. With all that baby oil on my bottom, I couldn't lean back without sliding along the tub floor and colliding into her! Jessy used her feet to prop me up while we caressed each other and talked. I can never get tired of admiring her petite figure, her flawless skin and her captivating American-Indian eyes. My Montreal trip would have felt empty if I had missed seeing her. Jessy used a soapy washcloth to scrub me from head to toe. She took special care to wash my private parts. I tried to match that as best as I could. Soon it was time for her to dress up, pick up her fee and $40 tip, and bid good-bye with a last deep kiss. I'll be back soon on my next trip, Girlfriend!


Little Sara of Dangerous Curves,  (514) 812-8181 (Real, Sam), $180/hr
Sara: 19 yr, 4'11, 95 lb, 34b, long brown/green, trimmed, tattoos; 9-8-7, conversation, light-kiss, daty, dp, cbj, red wine, ex-Sabrina/Jewel@CelinesFantasies, ex-Jasmine@Asservissante

I was in the mood for a spinner. A tiny girl who worked at one agency then moved to another came to mind. But she was no longer with her last agency either! Luckily, I had contact information for just such a contingency. She was now with Dangerous Curves as Sara and yes, she could see me. In fact she would book my appointment with the agency herself!

Sara arrived looking as cute as ever and gave me a welcoming hug. She preferred the red wine and we drank it while we cuddled on the carpet. We soon undressed each other and moved to the bed. I enjoyed light pecks on the lips and light caresses on her sensitive nipples. I moved down for a long daty. I gently stimulated her almost imperceptible clit and felt it grow from a sesame seed to a peppercorn in size. Sara gave me an enjoyable cbj and an even more enjoyable full service where she squeezed my dick with her cunt. We relaxed and talked in bed while we finished the rest of the wine. She had learnt about the risks of bbbj from some girls at Asservissante agency and was now a zealous covert to safe services.

Sara liked her present agency because she was treated well and could decide without pressure whether she wanted to be listed as a gfe escort or not. The agency had taken photographs of Sara a few days ago but had not yet listed her in their web site. There are on-line reviews for a tall Sara at the same agency, so I guess she needs to be identified as little Sara.

As the hour came to an end, Sara took a shower, collected the fee and we bid good-bye with a last hug and peck.

Cindy of Satin Dreamz,  (514) 223-0325 (Peter), $160/hr
Cindy: 20 yr, 5'7, 120 lb, perky 34b-23-33, long black/brown, shaved, tattoos; 8-9-8, some-English, real dfk, loves-daty, dp, cbj, 2-fs on request, shower, white wine

It was a cold call from Jessy. A new 20-year old had just joined the agency - did I want want to try her? I did and Jessy arranged the appointment herself. A slim and pretty girl arrived and introduced herself as Cindy. She apologized for not speaking English well, but I found no problem communicating. I showed her the red and the white Mouton Cadet. She chose the white wine, but said she usually has the pink. Perhaps I should have offered to mix the two.

We talked for a bit and cuddled. I told her I like to kiss and she immediately obliged. Soon we were sucking on each other's lips and probing with our tongues. Cindy unbuttoned my shirt and helped me take it off. She said "Let me show you my body" and stripped naked. I hurried to catch up while admiring the sight of her slim figure and firm perky breasts. We hugged and ground our naked bodies together while we deep kissed.

We got into bed and we enjoyed a long daty to completion. Cindy said "It's my turn" and got a condom out for cbj. I asked about bbbj but she said she doesn't do that. The cbj was good with deep throating and stimulation with her tongue stud. We had full service while continuing with deep-kissing. We relaxed to talk and finish our wine. Cindy has a tattoo in progress and said that when the present outline is filled in and colored, it would look great. I may have to call her again to check it out. I gave her a massage and then laid on top of her, enjoying the warmth of her body. I was soon aroused again but Cindy seemed surprised I would want a second service. She seemed unfamiliar with the concept of msog. However she was a trooper and fished out another condom from her purse.

Cindy agreed to let me join her in the shower afterwards. I helped soap and wash her all over until she said "I think I'm clean now". She got dressed and kissed me good-night before leaving.

Nasty Sex with Taylor
Taylor: ,,, $300/hr, $500/2-hrs, $1000 for 5 1-hr dates, 25 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue, shaved; 9-9-10(!), conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, ymmv-rimming, ymmv-golden showers/watersports, red wine, ex-CF, ex-Tasha@DC

Warning! This X-rated review may not be appropriate for those with under 18 years of hobbying.

Taylor greeted me with a bout of deep kissing as soon as she stepped into my room. She opened the red wine herself and we snuggled on the sofa and talked. We soon shed our clothes and she lit candles while I turned down the lights. She was bouncing on the bed when I joined her. I feasted on her perky breast and nipples. Taylor gave me a porn-style bbbj with her spitting copiously on my dick between sucking. I tried daty with spitting when it was my turn - they don't show that in porn movies! I remembered my g-spot lessions and inserted my fingers in and massaged her g-spot while I continued licking her clit. She was soon moaning with pleasure.

Taylor suddenly said "Let me lick your ass" and I replied "Go ahead" expecting a couple of light licks before her bbbjtc. But she had come prepared for serious rimming, with antiseptic wipes to prep the area. I enjoyed her deep french rimming and also tried the whole procedure on her. We disinfected our mouths with red wine before resuming kissing. We had an energetic full service until I was on the verge of exploding, then pulled off the condom for her bbbjtc & swallow. The first squirt landed on her neck before I could reach her mouth, but she swallowed the rest of my offering. I made her drink more wine before kissing her again.

We cuddled and chatted for a while before getting ready for the shower. But Taylor seemed to be in an exploring mood, and asked me if I liked kinky stuff like peeing on each other. I told her I didn't know if I would like it, but was game to try. Her exact words next were "I want to piss on your cock". She made me sit in the bathtub and aimed a warm stream on my privates. Next it was my turn. But I had become aroused and was getting hard and I couldn't pee! She told me to relax and after a few seconds I managed to spray a couple of spurts across her front. We turned on the shower and washed each other thoroughly.

Taylor was pensive and felt that if she couldn't be be famous through her career or her rock band, perhaps she could be famous as an escort. I assured her that her clients will talk about her in awe, long after she moves to Europe next year. And I would be proud I was her research assistant for sex. Taylor's service list seems to grow by the month and she may already be the kinkiest escort in Montreal. Her cab fare comes to $30 so I gave her that before we deep-kissed and bid good-bye.

PS: Taylor read this review and told me that she may be uncomfortable being so adventurous with new clients, so I've added a ymmv qualifier for some services.

With the Legendary Jessy again , (514) 223-0325 (Peter), $160/hr
Jessy: 28 yr, 5'1, 105 lb, 33a-23-33, long black/brown, trimmed; 8.5-9.5-9.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc, body slide, shower, white wine, ex-CF, ex-JDM

I get an instant girlfriend whenever Jessy steps into my room and greets me with her warm smiling eyes. We spent a few minutes in real deep french kissing while standing in a passionate embrace. We undressed each other and I stopped to admire her bright red lingerie. As soon as Jessy lowered my briefs, my dick was in her mouth. I enjoyed the bbbj and bls. We got into bed and I dined at her Y, while fingering her g-spot. I enjoyed full service and bbbjtcim. I also enjoyed hearing about her long vacation including a fishing trip and a tour of a Quebec winery.

I admired Jessy's naked body while I gave her a massage, and while watching her get the bath ready. I relaxed and let her take care of washing my body. After I got out, she stayed rolling gracefully in the water. I could easily imagine I had a mermaid in my bathtub. After we got dressed and kissed good-bye, I noticed the white wine I had ready remained unopened. There is never enough spare time in a Jessy session!

Paige of Celines Fantasies - The girl with a juicy pussy,  (514) 804-2354 (Celine), $160/hr
Paige: 22 yr, 5'6, 120 lb, perky 34b, dark blonde/brown, shaved; 8.5-9-9.5, conversation, real dfk, dp, loves-daty, bls, bbbj, ymmv-bbbjtcim & swallow, white wine, ymmv-shower

It was a cold night outside when Paige, a trim good-looking blond, stepped into my room and introduced herself. I helped her off her coat and tried to warm her icy hands. I offered her a choice of wine and she preferred the white. She hadn't had dinner and was hungry so I got her something to eat too. We talked about ourselves and the escort world. Paige is an intelligent and articulate girl with a successful career. She works sparingly as an escort, seeing only 1 or 2 customers a day, 3 or 4 times a week.

When I told her I liked kissing, she immediately obliged. We spent a long time in a real deep french-kissing session, probing and sucking each other's tongues. We moved to the bed and helped each other get naked. I spent more time caressing and sucking on her firm perky breasts. I kissed my way down to dine at her Y. Her pussy got juicier and juicier as she got aroused. She bucked her soaking cunt against my tongue and fingers but I held on like a pit bull. By this time we were nearing the end of the hour, so I extended the session to 1.5 hours.

Paige asked "Is it my turn now?" and gave me a bbbj with bls while I lay on my back. I enjoyed it for a while before asking her if she let clients come in her mouth. "It depends" she said with a sly smile, "but you can". She resumed the sucking vigorously. I told her I want to end with that last and we moved on to full service. I preferred missionary so I could keep deep-kissing her. Paige said she never uses lubricated condoms, and the squishing sounds from her juicy pussy made it obvious that she produces plenty of her own lubricant. I started with a slow pace but when she hinted "You don't have to go easy on me", I pounded her more forcefully. When I was about to come, I took off the condom and let her suck me to completion. She held my dick in her mouth for a while to let me enjoy the afterglow, before relaxing with a smile on the pillow. "Did you swallow it?" I asked. "Of course!" she replied, "It would be gross to spit it out".

We remained in bed, cuddling and talking till we finished the rest of the wine. It was soon time for Paige to shower. She agreed to let me join her, remarking that she doesn't allow this if the customer has used up his time and she needs to rush. I soaped and groped her all over. Before we kissed good-bye, I gave her a $40 tip and arranged a repeat appointment.

PS: Paige said she likes reviews as long as everything was in good taste, so let me check... the deep-kissing tasted really good, the juicy pussy tasted yummy, the bbbjtcim must have had a good taste for her contented smile. I guess this review qualifies.

An Escort Party in Montreal
Celine of hosts parties in Montreal about 3 times a year. I visit Montreal 4 or 5 times a year, so it was a remarkable coincidence that I could accept her invitation to attend this time. About 20 hobbyists attended, from low-profile review-board members with little posting history to prolific posters with very recognizable handles. Their ages ranged from from 30's to 70's. A few of us brought gifts for Celine. From the service side of the community, there were agency owners: Celine our hostess, Candy of, Michelle Luv of, and Veronica of Also there was Tom the owner of escort board, Hojo a photographer & escort web designer, and Stripperlover, who claims to be writing a book on the Montreal escort business.

And of course there were the escorts, who were the main reason most of us attended. There were four or five girls from the agencies, but they quickly paired up with partners and moved to smaller tables away from the main seating. The main table was all male except for Celine herself and Isabella Bijou an independent. Isabella moved from Montreal to Vancouver, but returns here frequently. She was beautiful and charming, and had everyone she met wanting her web address. She helped select my bottle of wine which we shared over dinner. She is a 9-9-? and I will know more if I manage to see her before I leave Montreal.

The best chance of meeting the other escorts was during their periodic smoking breaks outside the restaurant. Michelle Luv (who escorts as an independent in addition to owning her agency) was one of the cutest girls at the party. As a visitor to Montreal, I had to curb my instinct to shake the ladies' hands in greeting. We were expected to kiss their cheeks the French way instead. The restaurant staff wasn't too impressive. We practically had to trip a waiter rushing by, to place a drink order.

The party got less crowded, the atmosphere got more intimate, and the conversations got more lively as midnight approached. There were the interesting exchanges such as Candy's challenge to find any history of her as an escort before she enigmatically entered the scene as an agency owner. Also, Celine and Tom discussing some ridiculous conspiracy theories that were floating around. The party dissolved after midnight, with a few diehard partyists moving to a strip club to continue.

This was a fun occasion and yes, I would repeat if I had another opportunity!

IsaBella Bijou, Independent, , $300/hr, $500/2-hrs
Isabella Bijou: 26 yr, 5'6, 127 lb, perky 36b-27-34, short red hair/large brown eyes, shaved; 9-9-9, conversation, real dfk, dp, loves-daty, bls, bbbjtcim, body slide, red wine, was Monique at

Isabella was one of the escorts I met at a Montreal party hosted by Celine of for her friends and clients. Isabella was a beautiful redhead with large captivating eyes. I was delighted by her company and got her web address, as did most of the other guys around. She is an independent escort in Vancouver but frequently visits Montreal, her home town. We arranged an appointment by email a couple of days later. It was a cold drizzly night but she arrived with a warm sunny smile.

I showed her the red and the white wines in my room and she picked the red. I opened it while she went to the bathroom to freshen up and change into sexy lingerie. I shed some of my clothes to even things out and we talked about ourselves between sips of wine. We started kissing, which kept getting wetter and deeper. We were soon sucking tongues.

We moved to the bed and got naked. Isabella suggested a massage and I accepted. She took out her massage oil asked me what kind of massage do I usually like. "How about a body slide?" I asked. She looked perplexed and said "I've heard of the expression, but what is a body slide?". "Aha!" I said as I pounced on the opportunity, "I'll show you right now". I made her lie face down and spread massage oil copiously on her back. Then I dragged my front up and down her body, massaging her from her butt to her neck. I told her to ignore my hard dick furrowing along her back - she won't have this handicap when she gives the body slide. I convinced her that it feels even better on the front. I got to repeat the body slide while she lay sunny side up.

I moved down to dine at her Y and enjoyed the feast until she convulsed with pleasure. Then I lay on by back and watched her lick and suck my balls. Isabella gave me a nice deep-throat bbbj. I asked her if she allows completion in her mouth. "I love that!" she said, "There's no better place for it to end up in". I asked if we could keep that for last and moved on to full service. I preferred missionary so I could continue deep-kissing her. Then it was off with the condom for the bbbjtcim. Isabella held it in her mouth till the last of my spurts before going to the bathroom to wash her mouth. She brought a warm washcloth to clean me up.

We remained in bed, kissing, talking and drinking the rest of the wine. She discussed differences between the Montreal and Vancouver escort scenes. In Montreal, most independents cater to a different market segment from the average agency, whereas in Vancouver, most independents compete with agencies in the same price range. Also most independents outcall in Montreal whereas they incall in Vancouver. It was well past the hour before Isabella got ready to leave. I added a tip to her fee before kissing goodbye.

Jessy the Gold Standard,  (514) 223-0325 (Peter), $160/hr
Jessy: 29 yr, 5'1, 105 lb, 33a-23-33, long black/brown, trimmed; 8.5-9.5-9.5, conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc, body slide, shower, white wine, ex-CF, ex-JDM

Jessy was out sick for a while but we made arrangements for a date before I left Montreal. We greeted each other as usual with a bout of real deep kissing. Jessy immediately started unbuttoning my clothes, calling me old-fashioned for wearing an undershirt. I took my turn getting her naked. She dropped to her knees to give me a bbbj but lifted up my dick to lick my balls first. She then worked on deep-throating the shaft. I ran my fingers through her soft silky hair while she watched me with her deep expressive eyes.

We opened the white wine and had a few sips before moving to bed for more kissing and cuddling. I gave Jessy a massage while she made me brief her on my other escort encounters. I kissed my way down to daty and worked patiently to make it a datytc. We moved on to full service in a couple of positions. We ended with a bbbjtcim.

Jessy got the bath ready and poured in some shampoo. We soaked in the hot soapy water, washing, caressing and splashing each other. The play time was soon over and Jessy had to dress up and kiss me good bye.

An SP who normally escorts in another city told me recently that she recommends Jessy to clients planning to visit Montreal. Having never met Jessy, her opinion was purely based on reviews. She noticed that of the 100+ reviews, there was hardly any negative experience - so she was taking no risk in recommending Jessy.

Always an Adventure with Taylor
Taylor:,,, $300/hr, $500/2-hrs, $1000 for 5 1-hr dates, 25 yr, 5'6, 110 lb, perky 34b-24-34, long blonde/blue, shaved; 9-9-10(!), conversation, deep-kiss, loves-daty, dp, bbbjtc & swallow, body slide, vibrator, ymmv-rimming, ymmv-golden showers/watersports, red wine, ex-CF, ex-Tasha@DC

Taylor's sunny smile and passionate kiss by my door flooded me with relief. She cannot always keep appointments but for what she offers, I have no problem giving her some slack and rescheduling our dates. I took off her coat to see her in a red polka dot sleeveless top held up by a neck strap. "There's something special about this" she said. She tugged at the fabric, and out popped a breast! It seemed to thrust out saucily and say "Do I look like I need a bra?" I couldn't help grabbing and caressing the perky little boob with a long pink nipple. She tugged again and popped out the other one too. Taylor left her titties exposed while she opened the red wine and we sat down to talk. I sipped her nipples between sips of wine without interrupting the conversation.

We undressed each other and moved to the bed for some deep tongue-probing french kissing. She announced that she managed to squirt on occasion after learning about contracting a muscle in her vagina. She spread her legs and opened her inner lips wide and showed me the move - it seemed to make the flesh around her vaginal entrance pout outward. It was fascinating and if I had got any closer, my nose would have gone in. Taylor also showed me the goodies she had brought along. There was her g-spot orgasmifier that she had trained me to use before. She also had a shiny new vibrating egg on a cord. She also had half a dozen flavoring lotions that were meant for bbbj and daty. I would need several hours to sample everything everything that Taylor offers so I had to pick and choose. I asked to try out the flavoring lotions. I picked the passion fruit and squirted the lotion in her pussy. She chose the cinnamon and coated my dick. We settled in a 69 position for a mutual feast. I go!
rged on her passion fruit, diving into the flesh with my tongue and fingers. She sucked on my cinnamon stick while fingering my ass. (Stop me if I'm getting too graphic).

Before things came to a premature conclusion, I signaled that I wanted to move on to full service. No problem. She inserted the vibrating egg in her pussy, turned it on and put a condom on my dick before it joined the egg inside her. We had sex while deep kissing and the pleasurable sensations flowed into my body from both ends. After a while, I moved my dick to her mouth and let her suck it till it spewed out its contents. It overflowed from her lips and dripped on her neck and breasts. Taylor saw the glistening white droplets on her and wished she had a picture of how she looked. I showed her my digital camera and its memory card and got permission to grant her wish. I took pictures of her neck and breasts and if they ever appear on her web site, my cum will be famous. I also took close-ups of her spreading her pussy and showing her squirting moves. I gave her the memory card to take home.

We went to shower, but paused for some pissing play in the bathtub first. Taylor said that urine was used as a cleansing liquid in ancient cultures and that she gets pissed off at any client who refers to golden showers as dirty. After we showered and got dressed, we decided to go down for dinner, since her next appointment was 2 or 3 hours later. She said she doesn't subscribe to any escort advertising site, but still has a steady stream of clients discovering her web site.

Taylor ordered a long island iced tea and a sandwich and I followed her lead. We were sitting next to each other in a corner booth that was out of sight of other customers. She pressed my hand to her crotch and she groped mine while waiting for our order. This is way better than playing footsies! But apparently this wasn't daring enough for her. When the waiter moved out of sight, she suddenly popped out a breast and said "Suck me!" It seemed the most natural thing in the world to comply with her command. She nudged me away and covered her breast quickly as soon as she glimpsed the waiter returning to our the area. She repeated this 3 or 4 times, showing impeccable timing for her actions, so we didn't get caught and thrown out. But there was this sense of risk and danger that for some reason exhilarated me. I frankly don't remember what my food tasted like, but I still remember the feel of her nipple in my mouth.

Taylor wanted to freshen up in my room so we went back up. "Let me tuck you into bed first" she suggested and I went along. She got me naked into bed and tucked the sheets around me before giving me a passionate goodnight kiss. Then as if on impulse, she ducked under the sheets and started a bbbbj. Before long, I was squirting into her mouth again. She swallowed it without spilling a drop this time. I had just enough energy to reach for my wallet and add another $50 to the $40 tip I had given her before. I relaxed in bed, drained but content. Taylor showered and prepped in my bathroom for her next date. She gave me a last goodnight kiss, turned off the lights, and quietly let herself out.

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