Manila Tourist Falsely charged with Rape by a Bargirl/Police and has to pay lots of bribe money

Yet another Manila Corruption story how tourists get taken by bar girls and why many find Thailand SO much better then the dangers and corruption of the Philippines

From: ray reprinted and distributed with his permission by

"I was in Manila, Philippines 10/26 - 11/21 of 99. there are a few girls that have a heart, but most are money hungry and are good actors to get your money.

I went to a night club called "Jools" in Makati. the dancers in there are 10's! I picked this girl up (she worked there). paid the bar fine $2500 pesos and we left . 1st we went out to eat, then she wanted to go back to my room, it was getting late. we took a shower together then went to bed. after kissing and doing everything but actual intercourse, she started crying and saying she was a virgin. i said "what are you doing working at a night club like that if you are a virgin?" well, I never had sex with her, we went to sleep. throught the evening she had mentioned marriage a few times, but I didn't take it seriously.

Any way next morning she went and left me there alone sleeping. OK , the next night I went to another club and picked up another chick, Belinda. we were laying in bed @ about 2:00 am and the phone rings. the girl at the front desk tells me I have a visitor here to see me. I ask the front desk girl "well what's her name?" and she says she's just a pretty young girl who wants to see you. I say ok and put on my shorts and T-shirt and go to the lobby.

There in the lobby are 4 policeman and the girl (was crying) I had the night before. the cops said we're taking you to our headquarters for questioning. I said for what!? they said this girl said you raped her. I said to myself "I'm being set up!"

I go downtown with the cops and the girl. the cops say I can go free if I pay 100,000 pesos. and they request the girl go to the hospital for a check up. I agreed, and they put me in a holding cell for 4 hours, while the girl supposedly went to the hospital. after 4 hours a cop came to me and said if I'll cooperate I can go free.

I said OK I'll cooperate which means I will pay, so they let me out. All this time the girl never went to the hospital. at the time all I had left was like $1500 in american express travelers checks. after the cops decided they couldn't get 100,000 peso from me they agree to the $1500. They escorted me to my room to get the A/express travelers checks and then escorted me to a money changer. All the time basically holding a gun on me. after I paid I was free.

Money is all it takes my friend. I went to the toursist police and they were crooked as the cops. Philipino men are lazy, dishonest and liars. I'll never in my life go to Manila again. The whole time your' re there you have a feeling of no security. No more Philippines. The toursist police are there to take the tourist money."
Dave notes: While Thailand is not perfect, the Thai tourist police from all accounts I've read are actually interested in helping and don't ask for bribes. Thailand has a far different honesty ethic under Buddhism it seems than in crazy corrupt Philippines. I have many similar corruption stories about the police etc in my Philippines Report

Compare this to my wonderful experiences in Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand at I hope to return on a regular basis to Thailand but never again to the Philippines. There simply is no comparison in the political corruption and legal situation between Thailand and the Philippines. Catholic dishonestly? vs. Buddhist respect for people and being honest?

Follow up from Ray after I ask permission to republish his note:
"Hi Dave! I'll never go to the Philippines again. Next time I might not make it back. yeah you can post my story all over the net, just please don't use my last name. we should get the world out that the philippines is not a safe place. thanks Ray"

Follow-up responses to this from someone in PI

You should cultivate a friendship with a "high ranking" Filipino Policeman. Buy him coffee in the morning. Buy him a few drinks in the evening. A few bottles of rum. A carton of cigarettes is often welcome. Carry his "Callng Card" in your wallet. Should be at least a Major. Tho, sometimes a TSgt will do.

A point to ponder. In the Philippines, the practice is called Utang Na Laob. That means: "Something for something." In other words, you do the Policeman a favor, he owes you a favor. If he does you a favor, then you own him a favor!! Remember the scene in the movie "The Godfather?" People were lining up to ask the godfather for a favor? In return, he said, "Someday, I may want a favor, it may be something you do not want to do, but you must do it!" Filipino sciety is frequently held together by the Utang Na Laob. To give you an idea about how the average Ffilipino thinks: After we got Cable TV in Angeles City, I really liked to watch BBC World Service. The news of the world! My live-in girlfriend (Careida or Kabit) asked me why I watched the news everyday. I said I like to find out what is going on in the world around us. She said: "They are not my family and they are not my province-mates. I have no Utang Na Laob with them. So I don't care!" Please note that she was speaking seriously and meant every word. And she was a fairly well educated girl.

Other comments:

I read your story about Ray, i often go to Manila and that place called Jools, Ray made the biggest mistake by exposing his hotel, If he had gone elsewhere he would not have left a trail to follow for for these tricksters, follow simple rules and be alert and Manila is a fantastic place for tourists.
Ian.from Victotoria - Australia (you can add this to your site if you wish)

"I lived for 5 years in the Philippines, saw a few guys taken downtown but they had some balls and told the cops to go fuck themselfs. They can't hold you for longer then a few hours, then actually have to file a report - by doing so they can no longer extort money (or at least not that easy and they have to share with more, higher ranking cops). Then they have to inform your embassy since you're a foreigner. If you havn't done anything wrong and pay $1,500 you are a fullblown idiot and make it harder for everyone else.

But true, the once lovely islands with it's beautiful girls have gone down the tubes, Thailand is heaven in comparison, most cops in Thailand are overcorrect with tourists."
"I started this thread and I must say that RELIGION plays a big part of it. Look at all those Latin religion countries like Philippines, Mexico, etc..They have so much to offer but the high crime and politics which comes from the religious value destroys those countries. On the other hand, Thailand being a Buddhist country puts different values on the people. I think Thailand is the "Land of Smiles" because they where never colonized and is one of the few societies left that were not harmed by Western colonialism......Sure they have the bad in the world as well but they DO NOT compare to the other countries"

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