My Physical Intimacy Interest and Definition of Physical Intimacy

There are many different important types of intimacy. I am only discussing physical intimacy, which to me is loving caring touch and is different from "sex". To me it is stroking women's body gently not groping, using massage to have her melt in my arms, cuddling, snuggling…lots of things many macho guys may think is sissy stuff. But it is what I enjoy and many women seek more than just great thrusting, sucking, groping or grabbing of body parts that most sexworkers tell me too many men want from them.

A much longer article about intimacy is at which also discusses the many physical benefits of simple touch, the endorphins released but how so many are afraid of just good physical intimacy without it always having to be just a prelude to sex.

I enjoy the opportunity for maximum skin exposure since I enjoy skin contact so much. On the other hand I have zero interest in just being teased by a dancer from afar. I enjoy giving good breast massage, which also has real medical benefits breaking up nodules and sending them out the lymph system.

I enjoy intimacy especially with intelligent, relatively attractive women who respond to my type of touch and sensuality.

I have lots of experience "touching" women and the positive response has been far beyond anything I could imagine. See my long discussions of my years of experience visiting and becoming friends with so many dancers at Phoenix nude clubs at

I also speak at national swing conventions and teach workshops on intimacy as well as Esalen massage (See

In early 1998 I did a research trip to San Francisco to test my touch with dancers at nude clubs. See extensive report including detailed techniques at The response was very good.

Likewise I enjoyed a great response in Los Angeles Hostess Clubs (

But I also enjoy adding sexuality making it intimate sexuality. That was my purpose of doing a research trip to the Philippines. To see if good physical intimacy was indeed a universal language and add more sexuality at a reasonable price.

I am not Gods gift to women. I am a old, graying 52 year old slightly fat out of shape male so the responses to my intimacy is certainly not in response to my great looks or body!

I do realize that in the Philippines, Americans are viewed as a Money Tree and the bargirls aim is to shake the tree as much as possible and catch the falling money. However, I made it clear, I only buy one lady drink at a time and only one per lady. And from years of experience, I think I can detect when a girl enjoys good touch intimacy, not JUST shaking the money tree. Even if its paid and for the moment, I enjoy physical intimacy for the moment.

One of my other purposes is to help men that want do, consider becoming more intimate and having the same positive result from women I have enjoyed for so many years. I get a great deal of E-mail from such men that seem to benefit from my being so open and talking about these ideas.

I'm probably to physical intimacy what Leo Buscaglia, one of my heroes, is to hugs, which I also enjoy. Especially more intimate hugs!

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