Angeles City Bar Girl Adventures
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I will assume you have read previous sections about my particular intimacy interest and my experiences in Manila EDSA and Makati.  I will try and not repeat much of the same information but it may help you to have read those sections to better understand my interests and what I’m trying to share in Angeles City.

I visited many bars in Angeles, some only briefly, especially if they only had bar stool seating available. I continued to have good physical intimacy connections with many of the bargirls, just like in Manila.  My sexual experiences in barfining for the night were quite mixed but all were enjoyable.

I’ve already discussed the Vegas Hotel where I stayed, the Trikes for transpiration in other sections. I discuss how I like to make a warm  ”nest” for a girl in Bar Intimacy My Approach & Techniques which was very relevant to my experiences in Angeles.  I had the same English communications problem in Angeles, if not more so.  As previously discussed however, I found good physical intimacy is a universal language and I enjoyed using good touch very enjoyably as non verbal communications.

As in Manila I tried to stick to my “one lady drink only for one lady at a time rule”.  As in Manila, sometimes girls would stick with you forever even if you wanted to move on with just the one lady drink.

Economics & Costs

In Angeles the bargirl gets about P25-35 of the lady drink fees, which in total are about half the cost of the drinks in Manila.  Unlike in Manila the bargirl also gets about 50% of the barfine for taking the girl to your hotel for the evening.  Barfines in Angeles are P1000 or less ($US26).   It has been suggested an additional tip the next morning that results in “a happy bargirl” is P500-P1000.  P1000 at the exchange rate in April 1999 of about 38/1 is about $26 US.

HOWEVER Kabayo claims I'm way out of line saying:
What guideline? You are tipping 500 to 1000 pesos??!!!??? Shit man, you're making problems for all of us. The real guideline is P100 tip for standard performance, P200 for extra good work, and P300 for the fuck of a lifetime. The tips you are talking about might be about right for an afternoon af swimsuit and nude modeling, while you take dozens of pix.

I said:
With your permission I will add your comments in the section where I discuss tipping in Angeles.

Please do! Anything to keep these girls from expecting P500 peso tips, especially after we get hosed with P1000 barfines. Those barfines have doubled in three and a half years!

In posting this information on an Asian private mailing list (see it was pointed out that while this may seem very inexpensive for us that are use to U.S. wages and who benefit from a favorable exchange rate, this is very expensive for a Filipino man.   They seem to understandably resent “rich foreigners” encouraging such high tips which spoils it for the local person who doesn’t have the economic advantages some of us sex travelers have.

This point is valid and is why the local’s brothels for Filipinos are often very separate from the tourist areas.  However, it may be unfair that the most attractive women would probably choose bars in the foreign areas such as along Fields to work in since they can make more money. I don’t have any solution to this problem but am simply pointing it out.

Also there is the refreshing issue of trust in PI vs. the U.S.  In the U.S. you pay upfront and often it’s a scam or an air dance with so many dishonest providers. In PI the risk is on the bargirl instead of the customer for tips.  I appreciate this trust.

I also like to have "happy bargirl" paying a good rate trying to help her in her often desperate financial situation to help family in the provinces etc. Of course you would argue, how come no one is helping the Filipino man with the same financial problems perhaps.

I followed the P500-1000 guideline in Angeles and had "happy bargirls.” The one that loved intimacy but no sex, I didn't tip at all.  She realized the reason and that was fine with her as she enjoyed the intimacy.  I also choose her she didn't solicit me so I can't blame her for trying to seduce me. She normally didn't do barfines but said she liked me so much she wanted to with me. 

Great Angeles Bar Map on Margarita Station Website
I made copies of this map with me and found very useful

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