June 2010 June 2010 HIV Extensive Update
5/10/09 The War on private consenting adults has exploded in Phoenix- Will the success spread to other cities?
5/3/09 Pro Porn Attorney is now U.S. Deputy Attorney General
3/29/09 Legal Status of Bar Fines in Philippines - BAO Wins Case in NY
3/22/09 Prostitution and Federal Criminal Law
3/17/09 Selling sex legally in New Zealand Great article showing the benefits of decriminalization
2/16/09  David Elms of TER Arrested in Phoenix for Conspiracy to commit murder and other charges.
2/12/09 2/12/09 Phoenix Police Release Desert Divas Customer List of Over 6000 Names
12/28/08 NEW 2257 Picture Regs for Websites that effects everyone in the adult industry as well as nude, swing and social networking sites
11/17/08  Update on New Federal Lawsuit Against David Elms of TER
11/14/08 Dirty Money - The Business of High End Prostitution  An OUTSTANDING program
11/14/08 Why SWOP Is the Enemy of Private Sexwork
11/9/08 Paying for sex - what's so wrong with that? 59 per cent of people agree that prostitution is a reasonable choice of work (U.K.)
11/9/08 A Study of Sexwork in Finland
11/7/08 Decrim of Public Nuisance Street Hookers fails big in San Fran Hope for the Future?
11/7/08 New Federal Lawsuit Against Dave Elms of TER
8/5/08 Summary of Massive Phoenix Bust August 2008Going after maybe thousands of customers from 400 page ledger police found
7/20/08 Another Blow to Private Sexwork - Street Hooker Defeat Coming in San Francisco
6/8/08 New Zealand Government Report on the results of Decriminization of Prostitution

6/8/08 Dave Elms of TER in Jail on another felony charge!
5/17/2008  Is Sexual Freedom is a Constitutional Right?
5/1/2008 Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the "D.C. Madam" The good legal briefs, the terrible defense at trial and the Tragic Suicide A history lesson as to waste of resources and lives over in private consenting adult sexwork Outcall as in her service - legal in almost all the world except the U.S.
3/30/08 Radical Feminism's Irrational Attack on Prostitution
3/30/08  The Community Impact and the Self Esteem Difference of Street vs. Private Prostitution
3/30/08  Drug Use and Prostitution
3/22/08 Escorts Speak Out in Outrage About  ABC Prostitution Program
3/19/08  SWOP At it Again - Street Hookers Right to be a Public Nuisance Campaign
3/16/08  Paying for sex is common. The U.S. should follow Mexico's lead and accept that.
3/16/08  IMPORTANT Opportunity to Change Federal Law
  Under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (22 U.S.C. 7102(9)) that was reauthorized in 2005 but for which funding expired after 2007 the DEFINITION of trafficker includes ALL prostitution not just forced!  The Act is up for reauthorizaation now
3/14/08  Dave, sexwork.com Guest on Air America - Decriminalizing Prostitution
3/11/08  Why is sexwork considered a shame based service by many?
2/22/08 The men who sleep with prostitutes
2/2/08  How TER is a Disgrace to the Industry and Abuses Women
12/2/07  Dr. Judith Reisman used sexwork.com out of context regarding CHILD prostitution
12/2/07  Legal Prostitution in Rhode Island - An example that works that could be used to change other State Laws
10/7/07  Mens Rules - A great power point presentation of humor and music (may not work in Firefox, seems to work in IE but you may need powerpoint installed - their are many different screens may have to cycle through manually. Or another link is at http://www.mtgtwincast.com/AlMensRules1.pps
8/26/07  An Escorts Positive View of Escorting
8/13/07 Escorts - Why We Hire Them
8/13/07  Police back brothels In Western Australia
8/4/07    Paying for Time: "Legal Even Though Sexual Conduct is Likely to Occur?" Is it similar to how Restaurants avoid Liquor License laws?
7/22/07  Mitchell Brothers San Francisco Co-founder Died
6/28/07 Dave's Extensive Update San Francisco Strip Club Adventures
5/22/07  Dave's "Intimacy Fetish" Loving the nude lap dance clubs in Ontario
5/20/07  Jury Nullification Reminder
5/8/07  Why is it still illegal to pay for sex? "The ultimate victimless crime" - No sexual disease issues just an excuse
  May 5, 2007 Articles of Interest:
  Defending the 'D.C. Madam' John Stossel ABC News, Scare Tactics About Prostitution, Hillary Clinton Against All Prostitution, Orlando Kids exit amid House prostitution debate, Is Domination with no sexual contact prostitution?, Should Prostitution Be Legalized?, Escort-service scandal set to ignite D.C. explosion with Dave's comments
2/4/07  Former professor accused of prostitution, commits suicide Is Society Now safer?
12/9/06  "Inside The Bunny Ranch" Hookers on Dr Keith Ablow
12/8/06 False Suspicion of Human Trafficking Bring Massive Police Raid in Canada
10/01/06 The Folly of Sexual Repression - Outstanding article
9/24/06 Feminists fight over prostitution
9/24/06  Cialis Levitra or Viagra - which is better?
9/8/06  "Tyra Undercover: My Night As a Stripper"
9/8/06  Saving Women from Themselves Silliness
9/2/06 Sex is their business - Why Decimalization Best Option
9/2/06  The Big Lie: Hotel Rooms "Lure" Hapless Men (into Porn)
8/27/06  An Escort's Transformation Experiences Honest Wisdom that can benefit Providers and our Culture
8/26/06 Tyra Banks Show Trying to show escorts not just prostitutes with negative public image
8/25/06 Thailand Child Prostitution and Trafficking - International Justice Mission (IJM) - BIll Gates Support
7/15/06  Sexworkers Convention in Las Vegas Report
  7/4/06 Nevada Brothels - Terrible Situation shows why we need Decriminalization with women in charge - Not legalization and the pimp houses of Nevada
  6/18/06 World Cup Prostitution Mania vs. Facts
  5/26/06 U.S. vs. Canadian Rights & Freedoms (sexworktoronto.com link)
  5/21/06 Lawrence vs. Texas Getting More Attention by Judges
  5/20/06 Sexworkers As Political Footballs to Mislead on Trafficking
  5/20/06 Sexworkers United in Europe Insisting on being a Public Nuisance
  5/19/06 Warning: Yahoo Groups Suspends On Whim And Wont Give Reason
  5/14/06 Arizona Prostitution Bill with mandatory jail time
  5/7/06 A Legal Brothel for Virgins!
  4/8/06 Alternative National Review & Discussion Board
  3/21/06 Sandra Day O'Connor warns of rightwing attacks says US risks edging near to dictatorship
  3/21/06 New Zealand Court Finds Brothel Law TOO restrictive - Brothels Should be Allowed in Residential Properties
  3/13/06 Pleasure Tours to Thailand and Philippines Under New Federal Legislation- Discussion and Specific Tour Recommendation
  2/20/06  Trafficking Law Now Includes Consenting Private Adult Sexwork
  1/18/06 Mini-Brothels LEGAL in England but no Street Hooker Zones
  1/02/06 Sex for U.S. Troops in Iraq, brothel in Green Zone etc
  12/20/05 New Federal Legislation Against Consenting Adult Sexworkers
  10/6/05 Porn DECREASES CRIME vs. FBI's Porn Squad
  10/2/05 Is All this Sex Trafficking emotional issue overblown vs. the facts?
  9/14/05 Queensland Australia Prostitution Law Proposed Brothel Changes 
  9/14/05 I get Upset! Prostitution: A Negative Institution - My Response to this ignorance
  9/12/05 Dave's Great Victoria B.C. Canada Trip September 2005 - And Canadian Response to New Orleans Disaster
  8/15/05 The economics of sex- Sex as a sector in Asia Fuels Economic Growth & Income For Millions
  8/1/05 Positive Reforms in Germany - Not only Legal but Moral Prostitution
  8/1/05 New Zealand High Court quashes prostitution by-law since too restrictive on incalls
  7/23/05 "Sex slave" & "Trafficking" Melodrama Makes great anti-prostitution headlines, but ignores willing foreign women choosing sexwork
  7/11/05 Rapist Who Choked Providers Till Passed Out , Raped and Robbed Them CONVICTED in Phoenix
  6/19/05 Bush Administration via DOJ May Eliminate most Adult Porn Next Week (link to libchrist.com site)
  6/13/05 Banning Sales of Sex Toys Upheld and could spread to other states and cities (link to libchrist.com)
  6/10/05 40,000 Prostitutes for Soccer World Cup - Sex Garages set up for.
  6/4/05  Is it Cheating?  A Discussion with Sexworker and various views
  4/19/05 Trafficking in Toronto by Russian Mafia  Or, A Legitimate Choice by Women
  3/27/05 Decriminalize Private Consenting Adult sexwork, not public nuisance street hookers
  3/20/05 Back to San Francisco Strip Cubs Update
  3/10/05 Instead of slots, why not legalize prostitution?
  1/31/05 Who Will Rescue Us from Those Who Wish to Rescue Us Against Our Will?
  1/30/05 New Prostitution Bill in the Arizona Legislature - Dave's Response
  1/25/05 LAWRENCE vs. TEXAS CASE DOUBLE WIN! Will Supreme Court Rule on Dildos?

Can same arguments be made for private consenting adult sexwork?

  1/5/05 U.S. Government Report: Abstinence Programs Lie
  1/5/05 Congress Lies about Porn Proving they hate and fear sex
  1/5/05 Prostitution - Thailand/Canada Comparisons
  12/31/04 Good Article Legalized Prostitution - Regulating the Oldest Profession
  I don't agree with some of the suggested requirements of legalization (vs decrim) but has many very good points.
  Especially good is the study of crime rates and violence that is reduced in countries where prostitution is legal or decriminalized (most except the U.S.):
  12/24/04 Great Sex Education Site: http://www.infosex.com & Dave's Review (links to libchrist.com)
  12/10/04 Moral freedom and sexual values The Religious Right imposing views more after Bush reelection Kinsey Movie Example
  11/27/04 Sex visits for aged homes
  10/21/04 Condoms and Comedy to the Rescue in Thailand
  10/19/04 The Hidden Danger Behind Abstinence-Only
  10/16/04 The Nature of Prostitution Work - An Australian Study
  10/13/04 Prostitution - Sex is their business - Economist Article Supports Decriminalization
  10/10/04 Hilarious Dildo ad Song you have to hear (click)
  10/9/04 An Australian Christian Sexworker Speaks Out
  10/9/04 Temporary Boyfriend - Unique attitude of French-Canadian Women & Escorts
  9/27/04 Why the Berkley Decrim Vote is doomed to fail but a great realistic two-tier proposal that makes sense
  9/19/04 No Wasting Police Resources on Sex in San Francisco Strip Clubs
  6/19/04 A Presidential Candidate Fighting for Sexual Freedoms
  6/19/04 FBI Wastes Resources Going After The Canal Street Brothel - Even a Congressman wondered after 9/11
  why the FBI was after brothels not terrorists
  Sheriff Joe's investigators' nudity, sex contact dooms prostitution cases
  1/22/04California Sex Workers Launch Initiatives To Decriminalize
  1/21/04 Prostitution Reform Study in the U.K. Reforming a profession and taking on the rightwing moralists!
  1/21/04 The Lawrence Decision Landmark Case for Privacy not morality argument
  1/21/04 AMSTERDAM Oudkerk resigns over prostitution scandal but Public Thinks City Officials Should be Able to Visit Prostitutes if They Wish
   1/1/04YOU can help fight for Private Adult Sexual Rights
  12/27/03 15 Reasons Why Prostitution is Beneficial
  12/9/03  Winter 2003 - Montreal Spreadsheet Update A collection of info on Montreal escorts from various sources in a compact spreadsheet.  Over 700 escorts are listed
  11/29/03 Forfeiture Laws Being Used All Over U.S.Against sexworkers Even if never charged!
  11/29/03 Updated In Phoenix - Operation House Call - Maybe Biggest Private Adult Prostitution Bust in U.S. History
  8/28/03 "Grab your makeup, fix your hair, prostitutes are everywhere!" Let the fight begin Prostitutes Rights vs. the Courts and repressive laws
  8/24/03 In Defense Of Prostitution By Heidi Fleiss
  5/12/03 Hugging Warms The Heart, And Also May Protect It
  3/13/03 Making Porn Movies vs. Prostitution
  10/7/02 Sex Work Fest in Tucson!
  10/7/02 Prostitution group rejects 'victims' tag
  10/4/02 Vice squads troll online alleyways TBD Bust Full update and history
  8/8/02  Massive Madam "Circuit" Bust by FEDS and The Outcry Over Wasted Resources
  4/17/02 Why men are  more interested in sexual variety than women - The Evolution of Love 
  1/23/02 Toronto Report - Completely redone with latest "research" trip updates
  12/17/01 Phoenix Charity Fundraiser - $4000+ Raised at Party and Raffle
  12/10/01 Sexworkers in Austraila's New South Wales fighting new attacks on incall sexworkers.
  10/20/01 German Prostitutes Get Working Rights and Pensions
  10/30/01 Scams in Phoenix Discussion - Scam Provider Murdered by Knife to Chest
  10/30/01 City Council funds prostitute for disabled man - German Prostitutes get pensions
  8/6/01 The risks of "fingering" a sexworker
  8/5/01 Montreal Research Report A Somewhat Different View than Dave's
  8/4/01 Bible Thumper Moralists Gaining Political Power
  5/25/01 Our Police State - Wife runs massage business, husband who had nothing to do with business going to jail for up to 10 years
  05/17/01 Religious Rights Attack on Sex
  5/4/01  Anti-porn wants a hard-core response from Ashcroft, Bush administration
  4/13/01 No Condom, no brothel love in Germany
  1/27/01 The British View of sexwork - Economist article supporting liberalization
  1/20/01 Bush to change society in his "right" direction for our own good not accept differences
  1/20/01 Philippines Update - where people donít get mad, they get even
  12/28/00 Toronto - Best Yet, Dave in Adult Disneyland for his intimacy interests, nude-reverse massages etc. More like Thailand but more practical for repeat visits. 
  12/22/00 Ashcroft to control us since the religious right knows what is best for us
  10/15/00 Australian Prostitution  Legal With Mostly Reasonable Restrictions
  10/11/00 Sex makes you younger - it's true!
  10/03/00 ABC News Drugs and Escorts Report - Outrageous
  10/02/00 Brothels Legal Status Affirmed in Netherlands
  9/27/00 U.S. may have to decriminalize prostitution per U.N. Treaty
9/26/00 Seasoned Gals What happens when prostitutes grow older? They get wiser
  9/26/00 Scams - Have Arrested And File Lawsuit? Time to ACT against scams
  9/23/00 Olympic fever grips Sydney brothels - queues build up
  9/14/00 U.S. vs. Foreign Women - Huge cultural differences found - especially intimacy
  9/13/00 Budapest Prostitutes to Be Licensed Entrepreneurs
  9/4/00 Sample of corruption of legal system, costs and hell to go thru,  even when no crime was committed
  9/4/00 "Student Pages ran ads for brothels. And they don't care."
  9/4/00 Sexwork should be a human right
  9/4/00  Is Sex for Money or Reward always Prostitution?
  8/28/00  Israeli police arrest man for brothel attacks
  8/6/00 Singapore Report (three weeks in Singapore)
  8/6/00 "Sea change is likely for Supreme Court - Next President stands to reshape it"  The conservatives want to even further limit your individual rights which makes defeating Bush extremely important.